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2017 Marketing Tips and Advice for SMEs

Many businesses have faced tough challenges since the Brexit vote and if you are finding your existing marketing strategies are no longer working to keep you ahead of the competition, perhaps it is time to review your current strategies and really understand why things have changed.

Monitoring, reviewing and adapting your marketing strategies means your brand will become stronger and will regain competitive edge.  This process will help you to identify new opportunities. It may take time to nurture your business back to full health, but doing so will help get your business back on track to become a profitable, successful, commercial enterprise once again.

Why aren’t my marketing campaigns achieving results?

Upon evaluating last year’s business performance, you have may come to the conclusion that you just didn’t attract enough new business.  It may be that you have invested strongly in marketing, and felt you were shouting loudly about your brand and getting the exposure.  The question is, why didn’t the marketing campaigns achieve the expected results?   You need answers.  Unless you measure, evaluate and adapt your marketing strategies, you are unlikely to see things turn around.

Consider this:

  • Perhaps you are not reaching the right audience because you are not using the right channels in which to connect with them. 
  • Maybe you are reaching the right audience, but aren’t establishing a connection with them through your online content.
  • Perhaps you know you are using the right channels, and you have some success, but conversions rates remain disappointing.
  • Could your competitors have stepped up their game and be winning a bigger slice of the market?


It’s time to establish why things have taken a U-turn and start putting the wheels in motion to drive your business forward once again.

The first stage will be to review the performance and ROI of all your marketing activities in the last year, online and off-line and establish which campaigns and promotions achieved a positive ROI and which achieved the goals set at that time.

For all campaigns, analyse whether you could have improved the performance by making some changes.  If the campaigns showed a positive return, would more investment have increased this further?  If they didn’t perform as well as expected, can you identify why?  If a social media campaign, it could be that the content wasn’t connecting with the audience.  If you used a specific landing page and found it didn’t convert – it could be that the offer wasn’t attractive enough, or there was a barrier to people taking action.  Have you noticed your competitors are getting a lot of brand exposure across multiple platforms?  Is there opportunity for you to gain some advantage here?

Once you have a much clearer understanding on what worked, what didn’t work, and the reasons why, this insight will help you to improve your marketing campaigns in the future.

Just as important, is learning and understanding your audience – what motivates them to buy, what they are searching for, what channels your most engaged customers use.  Google Analytics provides a great deal of insight on your website visitors and you can use this data to refine your campaigns so they are reaching the right people, at the right time, through the right channel.

Here are some ideas from Whizz Marketing that will help you to generate more brand authority, more business, and more customers:

Create your brand – develop a strong brand and website presence that will work as a marketing tool for your business
Promote your business – search engine optimisation, website optimisation, PPC, link-building, social media, display advertising, email marketing, local targeted marketing
Interact with your customers – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, community groups, blogs, forums, local community events, fund-raising
Reward your customers – referral programmes, reward programmes, promotions
Analyse your performance – regular website traffic and visitor analysis, on-site SEO, market analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis

Whizz Marketing is currently offering a FREE Website Audit to local businesses which provides a bespoke recommendation report on how the company can achieve more visibility for their business in 2017 and beyond, both on-line and off-line. For further information on the services provided by Whizz Marketing, please visit www.whizzmarketing.co.uk or call 01252 622129.

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Marketing Tips for SMEs in 2017. Monitor, analyse and adapt your marketing campaigns to achieve success.