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A Sure-Fire Way To Improve Your Ranking – GET POSITIVE REVIEWS!

Accumulating positive reviews for your business will increase trust, brand authority and overall site rank.  The key is to make your customers so happy that they want to let others know just how great you are!

As an SEO and marketing agency serving SME’s we understand that lack of budget can sometimes be a sticking point when it comes to committing to an ongoing SEO strategy.

We have helped many small businesses and start-ups to get found online, and if there is no budget available for ongoing support, we will at the very least, provide guidance and advice so the client is equipped with the tools they need to take their business further forward. But some of you out there may not be aware that you can be giving your site a boost FOR FREE!  

Building Trust & Brand Authority

If you do have more budget available to invest in SEO, we strongly recommend a business to build a strong link profile through the creation of quality backlinks, to generate more citations, commit to regular blog posting and increase their level of social media engagement.

One other important element of the SEO mix, which is often overlooked, is building brand trust and authority. This is achieved through building quality links but also by increasing brand mentions across the web. How do you increase brand mentions? By getting people talking about your business! Generating positive reviews is a sure fire way to improve your ranking.

Google and other search engines, including those within huge merchant sites such as Amazon and Ebay will reward you for acquiring positive reviews. There is good reason for this – happy customers become loyal customers, and loyal customers are what we, and the review sites, need more of.

Good reviews are definitely good for business!

You will need to accrue a few positive reviews to ignite enough rocket fuel to fire up the rank boost , but once they start to build, it will increase your domain and brand authority and your site will be rewarded, not only with an increase in rank, but with overall increased organic visibility, higher volumes of traffic and higher conversion rates.

So where is the best place for customers to leave reviews which will help improve your site ranking?

The Answer is EVERYWHERE possible! And what makes this so great is that whatever size your business, and no matter how little budget you have available for marketing, there is plenty of opportunity! Below are a number of sites where you can generate reviews, and some without spending a bean!

Top Business & Product Review Sites

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Generate FREE Reviews!


If you would like further information in setting up a referral scheme for your business,  please get in touch with Louise at Whizz Marketing on 01252 622129 or visit whizzmarketing.co.uk for further information. We have lots of tips and advice covering all aspects of digital marketing on our blog – please take a look!