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The Engage Marketing Mix

Engaging and connecting with your potential and existing customers is an important element of a successful marketing strategy. There is little point driving huge amounts of traffic to your site if analytics show that they aren’t sticking to the site and engaging with your content and brand.  This results in low conversion rates and little return on your investment.

The Engage Mix  puts the focus on content marketing and customer retention – connecting and engaging with your target audience whilst also addressing the needs of your existing customers to ensure they use your products or services time and time again.  It costs less to service an existing customer than it does to find new ones, so it is important to look after the ones you already have!

There are a variety of ways you can be reaching your target audience and retaining your existing ones  – content marketing, blogs, videos, webinars, social media and through implementing a loyalty campaign.

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What do I get with the Engage Mix?

Content Marketing – This is where we come into our own!  We are experts in content optimisation.  The techniques we use for optimising content are totally customised to connect with your target audience. We will manually work through all the content on your site to ensure it is as optimised as it can be, giving your site the best possible chance of achieving higher volumes of traffic, resulting in an increase in conversions and higher engagement on the site. Find Out More - Promote Mix

Blog Writing – Blogs help you to connect and engage with your prospects and customers.  Blogging is great for SEO and is the core ingredient of a successful marketing strategy, but it isn’t the quantity of content Google is interested in, it is the quality of the content.  Blogs need to add value to a website, they need to educate, connect, provide advice, provide information and entertain through the use of dynamic media – images, video, webinars, infographics.  Whizz can plan and implement your blog strategy, and with our expertise in creating great content, you can be assured that your content will be rewarded with increased visibility and an increase in brand authority. Find Out More - Interact Mix

Social Media – a key component for online marketing strategies.  Love it or hate it, not having your business on at least one social media channel is now not an option if you want to gain Google brownie points and achieve visibility through organic search results.  We discuss what channels you like, don’t like, which you feel comfortable with, which you don’t and we will guide and advise on which channel is more suitable for your business.  Once this decision is made, we can set up your profile if you don’t have one, optimise your current profile, and help you to start creating an effective social media strategy that is both achievable in terms of resources, and is within your budget. Find Out More - Interact Mix

Video Marketing – You Tube is now the second largest search engine so it makes absolute sense to have a presence on this social channel.  People are using video now for all sorts of reasons, not just for entertainment, so if you have the view that your business model isn’t perhaps conducive to promoting via video, then you are wrong!  There are many, many ways of connecting with people through video – it doesn’t need to be a formal overview of your company ethos, its background and the service it offers, it can be educational, informative, captivating and fun!   Whatever industry you operate in, video will really help to engage with your target audience.  Find Out More - Interact Mix

Loyalty Programmes – It costs twice as much to find new customers than it does to keep the ones you already have so investing in a loyalty programme will not only increase your profits, but it will also help to increase personal recommendations.  Happy customers are satisfied customers and they will come back time and time again if you go the extra mile and make them feel special.  Whizz Marketing can create a customised loyalty programme that will have your customers coming back for more! Find Out More - Reward Mix

Website Analysis – This is important to include in the Engage Mix because unless you are monitoring your visitor’s journey through your website, you can’t possibly know how engaged they are with your brand, products and services.  Whizz can monitor, analyse and report on your website traffic each month providing valuable insights on traffic volumes, geographical location of visitors, how long they spend on the site, what pages they are looking at, what search phrases they have used to access your site, and lots, lots more. Find Out More - Analyse Marketing Mix

For further information on the Engage Mix, please just give us a call on 01252 622129 and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.


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