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Want More Traffic To Your Website? Top 10 Tips to Getting Found Online

If you have a website but don’t feel it’s generating much traffic, how do you make your website work harder for your business?

Is Facebook a better channel to invest in than Google? Should you try paid advertising or invest in SEO? How much is all this going to cost and how do you know it will be money well spent?  The digital marketplace can sometimes feel rather overwhelming.

Here are the Whizz 10 Top Tips on what to action if you want to generate more brand visibility across the web:

1. Get Site Verified – Verify your website with Google and Bing search engines and manually submit the site for indexing. This requires a verification tag to be placed into the website code. Once this is in place and the account is verified, it is advisable to also submit an xml sitemap which helps search engines to navigate and crawl your site content more easily.

2. Set Up Traffic Tracking – Create a Google Analytics Account and install tracking code. This is a free Google website traffic analytics platform which will provide you with valuable insight, not only on the volume of traffic coming through your site, but it will also help you to learn more about your customers, their search behaviour, how well they engage with the site and even how much they spend. Tracking website traffic is crucial and will help you to better understand your customers and also assess which marketing activities are more effective in generating traffic and revenue.

3. Perform a Website Audit – Have your website audited to check for any technical issues and onsite SEO issues. Google likes sites which address the needs of the mobile consumer. A site needs to be responsive, and this means it should adapt when being accessed via mobile device to make it easier to use and navigate around. The content needs to be user-friendly – easy to read, quick to download with clear, simple buttons and navigation links. If there are any technical or SEO issues on the site, these need to be resolved as soon as possible.

4. Add Your Business to Directories for Citations and Link Building – this is a really important element of SEO as it helps to increase trust and credibility across the web. Continuity is important, so when adding your business to lots of directories, ensure you are citing your company exactly the same each time. If you are wanting to achieve higher local search visibility, then make sure you add your business to as many local directories and community sites as you can. If you can forge some relationships and backlinks with other local businesses, then all the better!

5. Create Local Search Listings – Google and Bing both provide the option of adding a Map profile for your business. You absolutely need to have your business on the Google and Bing map if you want local prominence in organic search listings. These listings need to be managed and updated fairly frequently and will accrue rank over time if optimised and updated.

6. Generate Positive Reviews – Google reviews will help your site achieve greater domain authority and the gold star rating will help increase brand prominence in search results. Facebook also offer reviews, as do other social channels and business directories. These are free to post, there are also review sites such as Trustpilot, Trip Advisor and also some industry specific ones, so it pays to do your homework before deciding on which channel or site to focus on for reviews.

7. Step up your Social Presence – creating social profiles is an important element of the overall digital marketing mix. Levels of social engagement are measured and are a ranking signal, although not as important as site security, speed, mobile responsiveness, quality content and on-site SEO. Brand continuity is really important so try to make sure all your social profiles follow your brand theme, use similar creatives and profile descriptions. Update your profiles regularly, post a variety of content, trial different approaches, trial paid social advertising vs organic posts and see which is more effective.

8. Get Blogging – adding a blog to a website provides an ideal platform for posting informative, relevant content that can be shared across social channels and submitted to blog sites for maximum exposure. Posting regular blogs that are optimised for search engines and interesting and engaging for the reader will really give your brand visibility a boost. Get a few likes and shares and this will also have a positive impact on your overall rank and domain authority.

9. Experiment with paid advertising – if you are wanting your site to generate revenue then paid advertising is worth a punt. The beauty of digital advertising is that it is measurable – so you know fairly quickly what works and what doesn’t, minimising wasted budget and maximising on getting results. If you want to get brand exposure immediately on Page 1 of Google, then run an Adwords campaign. If you want more Facebook Likes or have a promotional offer you want to run – try a Facebook paid campaign. If you are trying to reach a UK wide audience interested in health and fitness, try a display advertising campaign on selected health & fitness sites which display ads. There are so many options available, it pays to do some research and try one or two channels initially, monitor, measure and invest in what works.

10. Increase kudos – reviews will of course help increase credibility and trust, however there are many other ways a business can increase its authority; Awards and Accreditations, National and Local event sponsorship, Charity fundraising, Community focused support, generate some positive PR.

Whizz Marketing Services in Hampshire is a Google Partner SEO & Marketing Agency. We offer transparency from the outset. After discussing what challenges you are currently facing, and what you are hoping to achieve, we will look at the various options and will guide you into making the right decisions for your business.

If you want to get found online and are interested in reviewing your online marketing strategy, please email louise@whizzmarketing.co.uk or visit www.whizzmarketing.co.uk for further information.

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Is Facebook a better channel to invest in than Google? Should you try paid advertising or invest in SEO? The digital marketplace can sometimes feel rather overwhelming.