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Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors and how well does their site perform?

Do you ever search for your own business online and wonder why your competitors’ sites are positioned higher in Google search results than your own site?

This doesn’t happen because they pay for it, and it doesn’t happen by chance – this is what optimising your site for targeted search queries can achieve – higher positioning than your competitors. There are many factors which correlate to page rank, and gaining insight as to what factors your competitors are focusing on will help you to win your slice of the market.

What are you waiting for? Find out who you are competing against online and beat them at their own game! We love a bit of old-fashioned competition, and we have all the tools you need to start making your move!

What will a competitor analysis show?

The Whizz Competitor Analysis Report will provide insight on your competitors; the performance of their sites in organic search, their domain strength and authority, what keywords they are optimised for, how your site is positioned against that of your competitors.

You can provide us with a list of known competitor domains which we will test and analyse, and we will also run our own report that may flag some other domains which you may not know, but who rank well for similar keywords.

Once we have this comparative data we will provide a comprehensive report that will give you the ammunition you need to gain competitive advantage. Believe us when we say, it is immensely satisfying to start seeing your own domain appearing above your competitors!

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