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Keyword Research

Get Found Online – research and find your target keywords!

Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for products and services online.

To get found online you need to get smart with keywords and optimise your website so search engine robots will be able to match the content on your website to the user search query.  If search robots find one of your web pages to be highly relevant, then your page will appear on Page 1 on Google Search.  Keywords don’t achieve this positioning on their own, there are many other factors which affect Page Rank, however, keywords are a crucial component and without them your site won’t achieve much visibility.

Identifying your keywords

Firstly, we need to identify which keywords are commonly used by people searching for similar products and services to those you offer and for which you want to be found for.  Once we have identified target keywords we can then look at how much search volume each keyword generates and this will help us to decide if one particular keyword will likely send more traffic than another.

The Keyword Analysis Report provides insight on search volumes for related keywords. Helping to establish the demand is good background research in preparation for website optimisation as the most popular search terms can be incorporated throughout the site to make it relevant for those phrases, making the web pages more likely to appear in search results pages.

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