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Website Analysis

Sessions, users, devices, engagement, referrals – we analyse everything!

Whizz can get you started on analysing your customers journey once they land on your site. We can measure traffic volumes, referrals, usability, user-engagement and lots more! If you don’t already have Google Analytics tracking code installed into your site, then we can install it for you and once this is in place we can track the activity on your website and see how well your site is performing.

Through Google Analytics user-interface, we can analyse and evaluate your site to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you are achieving high volumes of traffic but low conversion rates or maybe those visiting your site using mobile devices are leaving the site far sooner than desktop users – this could be down to poor user-experience when viewing the site on mobile devices, but unless you analyse this, you may never know!

Analysing and evaluating issues such as these provides valuable insight that will enable us to create a strategy that will make your site work more effectively. Monitoring a site in this way on a regular basis will give you the competitive edge – and in today’s crowded marketplace, being one step ahead of the game is highly recommended!

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