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Build a Great Content Brand

If you want to increase your brand authority and search visibility across the web, you want to invest in content marketing. Content marketing will help to raise awareness of your brand. It will build authority, enhance trust and will increase engagement with the audience you want to connect with.

Content is the social media lubricant. Great content will capture people’s attention. It could be shared and read by 1,000s in just a few hours, but it needs to be useful, intelligent, and of value to the reader.

Many companies are becoming content farms, distributing and sharing all the content they can lay their hands on. Is there a strategy behind it? Probably not. Is the content unique? Probably not.

Whizz Marketing Services offers a remote content delivery service, creating a variety of content for different marketing mediums.  As we are also experts in SEO, we optimise all web copy to work for search engines whilst also ensuring it engages and appeals to your audience.

We create optimised content for:

Advertorial Features
Display Advertising Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Direct Mail Campaigns
Video & Webinar Transcriptions

Find Out More about the marketing services on offer in the Interact Mix!

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