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Remarketing Campaigns – A Powerful Way to Re-engage With Your Audience

Remarketing is a powerful way to re-engage with website and app users who have already expressed an interest in your brand.

A remarketing campaign works to show Pay Per click Ads repeatedly to a pre-defined audience across the Google Search, Display or Social Channels.  Each user will have opted-in to have their Cookie ID used for marketing purposes when they first visited your website.  This Cookie is collated via Google Adwords, Analytics or via the Facebook tracking pixel and stored into a pre-defined Remarketing List.  The list is then used to serve ads displaying your products or services.

A remarketing campaign needs careful planning to ensure it is going to achieve your marketing objectives.  Do you want to raise brand awareness, drive sales or increase registrations?  Creating remarketing lists with rules that will help to achieve these goals is key to the success of the campaign.  It is also important to get the right balance on the number of ad impressions required to achieve optimal interaction and choosing the best duration whilst ensuring the user doesn’t feel ‘over-marketed’ to.

Campaign Types:

Standard remarketing – shows ads to users across Display Network
Dynamic remarketing – more advanced campaign set up which specifies certain products or services
Remarketing for mobile apps – shows ads to people who have downloaded your app or mobile website
Remarketing for search ads – shows ads to website visitors as they search on Google
Video remarketing – shows ads to people who have viewed or interacted with your videos or You Tube channels
Email-list remarketing – using Customer Match, you can upload an email list and show ads to people who are signed in to Google, You Tube or Gmail
Facebook remarketing – shows ads to defined audience across Facebook network, managed and created through Facebook Ad Manager (requires Facebook company page)

Google Remarketing Campaign:

Display or Search Remarketing Campaign
Create Remarketing Campaign for search or display
Create remarketing lists (up to 3 max) for different rules/keywords
Targeting based on webpage content on specified URLs
Generate Remarketing Tag and provide instructions for insertion into site
Test Tracking Code inserted correctly
Monitor and Measure Effectiveness of Campaign
Monthly Performance Reports

Facebook Remarketing Campaign:

Target website visitors who are also Facebook users and remarket to them by capturing Cookie IDs through the website. Facebook will serve ads to them through the Facebook network. (PPC similar to adwords).

Create Facebook Remarketing Campaign
3 Ad Sets created to serve over Campaign duration
Targeting for optimal delivery
Generate Facebook Pixel and provide instructions for insertion into site
Test Pixel inserted correctly
Monitor and Measure Effectiveness of Campaign
Monthly Performance Reports

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