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Remote Web Copywriting Services

Get your website working with optimised web copy

When we write web copy, we are writing for YOUR customers.  We will identify your target audience – your ideal customers and prospects.  We will find out their concerns, needs and interests and will create optimised web copy to reach out to your audience, engage with them AND make your web pages work hard for you to bring in more traffic and more customers through natural organic search.

Web copy is different to print media copy because it needs to tick two boxes, one for the consumer and one for the search engines.  However, they are not dissimilar in what they require, but volume of content is really important for SEO.  It is common for people to opt for highly visual designs for their website, which is great as images and video really do speak a 1,000 words, however, it is extremely important for a website to have sufficient content volume to achieve a good level of optimisation which will make the site work well in organic search.  A site lacking in content will also lack in relevance, and if Google can’t see a high level of relevance to the search query, then it won’t return your page in the search results.

Search engines will favour sites who provide highly relevant, fresh content, particularly content through blogs and news articles as this demonstrates the authors credibility and expertise in their sector.  If you also achieve some Likes, Follows or +1’s for your articles, then all the better, as this will give your site more Google brownie points!

It is the sites who offer rich content, informative content and relevant content, that will ultimately be the winners in today’s competitive digital world. Let’s make your site one of those winners!

Below are some examples of websites which display web copy produced by Whizz and which is optimised for search:

TM Roofing & Building
Trevor Martin Developments Ltd
Rocks Locks
Maynelines Blinds
HGS Hot Tubs
Smart Body Shop
Foster & Heanes
Crown Conservatories and Windows

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