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Reward - Give Back

Give Back: Reward Schemes, Loyalty Programmes, Referral Campaigns, Promotions

Value your best customers and reward their loyalty

How do you measure the value of a customer and what should you be measuring? Is it how much they spend, how long they have been buying from you, how often they make a purchase, what promotions they redeem? In truth, it is all of these combined over a period of time and this provides a lifetime value of a customer. By focusing on the best customers, as well analysing how you acquired them and then finding strategies on how you can retain them will help you cut costs and increase revenues.

Tracking, monitoring and analysing the customer journey, each time they visit, each time they make a purchase, each time they abandon the checkout, each time they browse but don’t buy is the only way to accurately measure loyalty.

Whizz Marketing can work with you to create reward schemes, referral campaigns and promotions that will help increase your customer retention.

Find out more about the marketing services offered in the Reward Mix!

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