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Reward - Give Back

Loyalty & Reward Schemes

Give something back to your best customers

Giving something back to your best customers is becoming a competitive necessity in some trades and industries, and rewarding loyalty has many benefits, both to your business and the customer.

Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more customers. Reward and Loyalty Schemes also help to acquire new customers, and increase spend amongst existing customers.

For lower budgets, the punch card scheme is certainly the cheapest option, it is simple to implement and easy to manage. If you are willing to invest in a long-term loyalty programme, then you could consider a Discount Programme or a Points Programme, where the customer can redeem points earned for gifts or products and services you offer.

A good reward programme is one that is planned with the needs of the customer in mind. So many loyalty programmes fall short in offering enough benefit to the customer to make it successful, but with Whizz’s Reward Mix, you can be sure your programme is planned and delivered to achieve the desired results.

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