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Adapting your SEO & Marketing strategy to navigate the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact across the globe and has left many businesses struggling to navigate the uncertainty of what is now the ‘new normal’, in a post Covid-19 world.

Businesses are facing tough decisions.  They will need to adapt to ensure they maintain operational efficiency and this may mean reducing costs and staffing levels to optimise processes.  But it will also be important during this time to innovate, tapping into new markets and seizing opportunities which will help to ensure growth and sales in the future.

Changing Times

Whilst restrictions are beginning to ease and the world starts to open up again, businesses need to adapt and embrace new strategies to take them through the economic recession. 

The market has changed.  The way we do business, the way we buy, the way we sell, deliver and communicate.  Everything has changed and the way you market your business going forwards will need to change to reflect this. 

New Opportunities

Covid-19 has changed search behaviour too.  You will need to pivot your marketing and SEO to react appropriately to Covid-19 changes. Don’t forget, many people are still at home, which means millions of people are searching online and are using the Internet for entertainment, research and shopping.

This is why it is important to re-assess your current SEO and marketing strategies.  It will give your business the best chance of getting through these tougher times.

There are new opportunities for businesses who can adapt to the way people are now using the Internet, and brands that show empathy, understanding and loyalty to their customers and staff are the ones that will come out of this strongest.

What to focus on right now

People may not be ready to buy your product or service as soon as you open your doors again, but that shouldn’t stop you from marketing what you can offer, now or in the future.  Let the world know you are open and ready for business!

Organic Search (SEO)

Often the top performing channel, so don’t neglect it!  Investment now will reap rewards long-term. 

SEO Audit – If you haven’t had an SEO Audit on your site in the last 6 months, this should be a priority. You will need to know how your website has been performing during the pandemic but you also need to ensure your site is error free if you want it to rank well in Google.  Resolve any technical errors such as broken links, check download speeds and the level of optimisation and rank as it may have changed over the last few months.

Review your keyword strategy – Check the search volume trend for your focus keywords over the last 12 months and check how your competitors rank for these keywords.  Explore new keyword opportunities and revise your keyword strategy to adapt to the changing environment.

Google My Business – keep your profile updated.  Use the Covid-19 post update tool to keep customers informed with status updates.  Communicate changes to opening hours, service provision, customer service.  Post regular blogs, run restart promotions, limited time offers, all the time showing empathy and being considerate to people’s needs.

Refresh Your FAQs – FAQs relating to Covid-19 are getting a lot of traffic.  If you have an FAQ page with schema markup, this will improve the visibility and rank of your FAQ content.  Revise your FAQs to make them relevant to the current times. 

Paid Search

As part of Google’s larger support commitment during the pandemic, Google has applied credits to existing Google Ad Account holders to spend on future advertising.  If you have been running a Google Ad campaign since the beginning of 2019, you will be eligible to receive a credit on your ad spend, so check your account to see if you have had a credit applied.

You need to be driving new business right now, so although SEO is a very effective strategy, it is a long-term strategy and any changes will take time to take effect.   Google ads will drive highly targeted traffic to your site immediately, and will give your brand Google page 1 visibility for the keywords that are important to your business, driving more visitors to your website and increasing conversions and sales at a time when you need them most.

Paid Social

Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, make sure it is the channel your core audience are using.  Do your research and find out what channels your competitors are using too, look at what content they are posting and the level of engagement their posts are achieving – and make yours better!

We recommend focusing your efforts on the one channel that presents the most opportunity to reach your target audience.  Think about using remarketing campaigns to target your growing customer base and make your message relevant to the ‘here and now’ to increase conversions.

Content Marketing

It is important to adapt your content and messaging at this time, but it can be a challenge to work out how to stay relevant whilst also appropriate during such unprecedented times.  Be sensitive and helpful and offer value to your audience with offers such as free delivery and easier payment options. 

Covid-19 may be a new era, and your messaging and offers may change, but your copywriting standards should stay the same, so remain professional, approachable and flexible through your online content to help maintain and increase levels of engagement now and in the future.

Whizz Marketing is dedicated to providing as much support as you need during this challenging time, and beyond.  We are currently offering a FREE SEO AUDIT and 20% off Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Reports.  To take advantage of these offers, please go to or call Louise on 07814 391221.

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Covid-19 has changed search behaviour too. You will need to pivot your marketing and SEO to react appropriately to Covid-19 changes.