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Best Practice Link Building will help your SEO

Building links is still a vital cog in the SEO wheel, so working on creating strong links with credible, relevant domains and implementing a clean link building strategy WILL increase your domain authority and page rank and WILL help you gain competitive advantage.

Many site owners, however, appear a little confused as to how much link building they should be doing, what the benefits are and what type of sites should they be linking to.
If this is you, then you are right to be cautious. There have been many link farming scams in recent years and those who signed up to them were left paying the price of a heavy Google penalty, many of which are still likely to be in recovery having lost traffic, conversions and credibility.

What is Best Practice linkbuilding in 2016?

There are many ways in which to create links, but the most important element of linkbuilding that should be the foundation of all your efforts is to link to credible sites and relevant sites.
There is nothing to be gained from linking to a domain with thousands of pages if there is no content on that domain that is relevant to the products and services you offer.

If, however, you were to add content to that big authority site that included a link to your site, perhaps through some information about your business, an article, forum discussion or whitepaper -– then this site will be a GREAT asset and will help increase your trust and citation flow – metrics which measure the authority of your links.

There are a great variety of domains out there that you could gain a really strong link from

Link Building StrategyBusiness Directories & Community Sites

A great place to start! Many offer free listings which can be pretty comprehensive, often enabling you to upload a full business profile, web link, social profile links and images – some even let you post offers and customers reviews. A word of caution though, there are still some directories which are seen as spam link sites by search bots, and linking to these types of directories can damage your ranking, so its best to either use a company you can trust to link build with your best interests at heart, or do the research yourself and ascertain which ones are most credible.

Social Sharing Articles & Blogs

Curating your own unique content and sharing across social channels is another easy way to generate a good, solid link profile. When you are writing your online content, make sure you always include a link back to your site, preferably to a page that is highly relevant to the topic of the article. You can also include links throughout your article to third party sites. Referencing authority sites in this way can gain your site some added kudos, and you never know, they may share the article and credit you by creating a link back to your site!

Building Links through Social Profiles

Creating a social profile and actively engaging with your audience will help increase your domain authority and page rank. Engaging and interacting creates BUZZ and this will give you a WUZZRANK, which is a correlating factor to page rank.  Referrals from social marketing can be highly targeted, so ensure you are including links in your posts where appropriate, image descriptions and profile bios.

Get Started on your Link Building Strategy today!

1. Check the internal link structure on your website is optimised for top rankings.
2. Search for articles, sites or posts that mention your personal or business name, and ask them to place a direct link to your site.
3. Ask your clients for a link from their site.
4. If you have multiple domains that share a common topic, link to them but only if they are on different servers.
5. Write a review on someone’s product and have it posted on their site with a link
6. Ask someone to review your product/service.
7. Write articles of consumer interest that contain a web link and ask relevant, third party sites to post the article.
8. Research relevant and local .gov and .edu sites as these carry high domain authority. Find ways to get links on these domains – business directory, advertising, white paper, forum.
9. Explore social media groups and forum discussion groups who may be interested in your products/services. Making quality contributions related to your topic and adding a link to your site. You can also create a thread about your business on some local forums.
10. Recruit brand advocates to help share positive feedback on your product/service through social channels.
11. Get a link from your local Chamber of Commerce.
12. Check to see if business partners/associates may be willing to provide a link to your site.

These are just some of the ways you can start to create a good link profile that will improve your SEO and help your brand to achieve greater visibility across the web. Here is another good resource on effective ways to get backlinks.

Whizz Marketing provides customised link building packages to SMEs, so if you are interested in investing on a white hat link building strategy in 2016, please contact Louise on 01252 622129 or visit

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