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Animated Web Videos by Whizz Marketing

Capture your web visitors attention with animated video!

Whizz Marketing are delighted to announce the launch of a series of high definition video animation packages, that will capture your website visitor’s attention by communicating your brand and the products and services you offer in a fun, creative and engaging way.  So  if you are looking to produce a web video that will be memorable, impactful and entertaining to watch, then animated video is definitely worth considering.

How can video help to get new customers?

There is no better way to spread the word about a business than making a great online marketing video. Video is playing an increasingly important role in bringing companies to life. Acting as your first impression, a video can be used in a variety of ways, whether on the web, embedded email, social media sites, or promoted through a press release. It can be designed to launch a new service or product, showcase your offering, provide a platform for customer reviews and case studies, helpful advice, tips and tutorials, or to provide some snippets of rich media for the pure entertainment value. Whatever content strategy you use, incorporating the use of video into your online marketing plan is definitely worth considering.

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How is animated video created?

The Whizz animated video packages offer a selection of fun and exciting 2D or 3D templates, in lots of different styles and colours, and based on your particular requirements we can provide advice and guidance and various options to ensure that the animation style you choose is best suited for your needs and will communicate your message most effectively to your target audience.

We will then use our creative expertise to write a story/script about your business which highlights the services or products you offer to your customers. Once you are happy with the script, we will process it into the animation.  We can customise the animation to incorporate your branding, along with images, text, music and a voice-over, and depending on the animation package you select, we can also include snippets of an existing video you have previously produced.  Which video animation package you choose will dictate the level of customisation available, but our aim will always be to produce a video that works for your business.

Whizz Marketing has negotiated an Exclusive Deal on all video animation packages, which means your customised, high definition animated video will be produced at a truly unbelievable, and affordable price. 

By Louise Cranstone, Whizz Marketing Services, Fleet, Hampshire




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