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Don’t Quit SEO – It’s a Long Term Strategy That Works

If you are finding your SEO efforts are no longer working to drive targeted traffic to your site, and you are starting to lose faith in the effectiveness of continual investment in SEO, then it’s not time to quit SEO, it’s time to find out why it’s not working.

Quitting SEO shouldn’t even be a consideration. An SEO strategy is a crucial element of a successful online marketing strategy. It does work, if applied correctly and if it is aligned to your business goals.

An SEO Audit Identifies Issues That May Be Holding Your Site Back

Running an SEO Audit is the first action to take. This will identify any issues which may be holding your site back. There could be a multitude of reasons why your SEO isn’t working for you. On-site SEO is important, but off-site SEO is equally important. You will need to review both strategies to establish where the weaknesses are, and where there are more opportunities that you haven’t yet tapped into.

Following an SEO Audit, it is also highly recommended to undertake a Competitor Analysis. This will highlight who your main online competitors are, how well they rank for keywords you want to rank for, how strong their domain authority is, how many backlinks they have, what sites they link to, and how much traffic and organic visibility they have compared to your site. Such valuable insight, insight that can be used to gain competitive advantage and really give your SEO a boost in 2019.

What Will Have The Most Impact?

What worked 5 years ago is unlikely to work now. Search algorithms and the way we search for products and services is constantly evolving. A business needs to adapt to compete in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Personalised User Experience

As the rise in mobile penetration continues, creating a personalised mobile user experience will become a ranking factor in 2019. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, page download speeds are fast, the site is easy to navigate on mobile, the check-out process is simple and it is easy to get in touch with you.

Long-Tail Keywords

In terms of on-site SEO, single keywords will become less important. As voice search optimisation becomes a core focus for many businesses, ensuring you are optimising your site using ‘long-tail’ keywords is likely to achieve greater gains.

If you haven’t changed the content on your main landing pages for years, it’s time for an overhaul! Look at ways you can change the way you deliver the content – consider video or images to tell the story as opposed to just plain text. It will achieve higher engagement and gain rank by adding rich media. Don’t, however, strip out your text content altogether. Google still needs keywords to find relevance, so a good balance of text and rich media is the ideal.

Quality Relevant Blogs

Content marketing and social media will also continue to have significant impact on SEO. Blogs should be about 750 words, and be created to focus on delivering value to the user, whilst also incorporating focus long-tail keywords that are important to your business. Blog content should not be churned out solely for search engines, and should certainly not be copied from news sites or anywhere else on the web – it needs to be unique. Writing blogs solely for ranking just creates thin content of little value to users and Google will start to ignore this type of content. If you have old blogs that have low page views, update them, renovate the content, make them fresh and relevant again. It is also important to work through old blogs and redirect them to new ones of a similar topic.

Social Engagement

Social channels will see more indexing with Google, so if you are interacting with your audience and gaining followers on social media, your profiles and posts on social channels will start to gain impressions in organic search results, driving users to your social profiles.

Video Content

Video marketing is the future of internet marketing. Video content has been proven to generate higher ROI than any other type of content. Is more engaging and easily shared.
Research from Cisco predicts that video content will within 2021 constitute 80% of all internet content. There are plenty of options for video content; educational, documentaries, entertainment, explainer videos, customer reviews, case studies, FAQs videos.

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, SEO is just one element of a successful online marketing strategy. You will also need to assess if you need to amplify your search visibility with PPC (pay per click) advertising and other forms of marketing, such as email marketing or social media advertising.

If there are some keywords which you really struggle to rank for organically, you could achieve rank through paid keywords by running a PPC Campaign. This combined strategy works well to give your brand greater exposure for a wider variety of keywords and search phrases.

Whizz Marketing is an accredited Google Partner Agency in Fleet, Hampshire. We offer a FREE Website Audit for sites with less than 20 pages or an Audit on a larger site costs just £150.00. Let us help you get back on track with your SEO in 2019. Call Louise on 017814 391221 or visit

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Quitting SEO shouldn’t even be a consideration. An SEO strategy is a crucial element of a successful online marketing strategy. Don't Quite Your SEO.