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Engage with Customers on Facebook

Engage, Like, Comment, Share

More Top Tips for Business Facebook users!

Facebook has become a minefield for businesses as Facebook only show about 10% of updates to your “fans”.  This sadly, is going to reduce to a further to 1 or 2% by October, which is making businesses wonder is it worth it?  The answer is yes!

Why? People are still joining Facebook and although the main user group has changed in recent years (a decline in teenagers and growth in 34-45 age group) there are number of things you can do – free and paid for, that will mean you reach these people – there is also the added bonus of all your social media interactions and mentions being accumulated by Google which will earn you a few Google brownie points for your efforts, and the rewards will be a higher page rank and a higher domain authority.

So here are a few helpful tips to help you organically reach more people in Facebook ….

1. Invite everyone you know to Like your page! Your biggest advocates are going to be those that know you, or are already a customer, so make sure that you mention your Facebook page on every email, on your business cards, your promotional material and corporate stationary and keep sharing your own updates onto your personal news feed.

2. Once you have exhausted your immediate fan base, search and join relevant Facebook groups and share content from your page into those. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE GROUPS RULES, you do not want to discredit yourself or annoy the admin and others users of the group! Join lots of groups and rotate your sharing.   Also make the effort to Like other peoples business pages and engage with them and  let them know that your page exists too. You never know they might reciprocate!

3. If they do reciprocate, become an active person on their page to encourage them to engage on yours.

4. Encourage comments. Ask open questions, opinions, questions that are asking for help/recommendations etc.

5. Like every update you do!

Do you hear the words ‘engage, like, comment and share’ a lot?

Well the rule is that Facebook will let more people see your updates if others are interacting with you. For example, an update with no likes, comments and engagement will reach a handful of people (your 1%), a post with one share and a like could hit 10 times as many so imagine if you had a 5 comments, or 10 shares or 25 likes! The more engagement, the more people Facebook will let see your updates and even your subsequent updates as they will rate your content as information that people like to see – and Facebook do like to please!

As you can imagine this takes time and effort, so mix it up with some Facebook adverts and boosted posts, but be sure to adhere to the Facebook advert rules and note that Facebook adverts work in a similar way to the updates. If people are not interacting with them, they don’t show them as often.

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Top Tip Series by Natalie Weaving, Typeface Social

Posted by Louise Cranstone, Whizz Marketing, Fleet Hampshire


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