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Google Assistant – Start Planning For Voice Search Validation

As we enter the emerging world of chatbots, voice search and Artificial Intelligence, it is important for businesses to explore new opportunities to reach new audiences, achieve greater brand prominence and maintain competitive edge.

Voice search is revolutionising the way customers search and consume content. 60% of searches are now being performed on mobile devices, and according to Google, 20% of these are now voice searches.

It is therefore really important for businesses to adapt and expand SEO and marketing strategies so they can maintain their competitive edge in our digital world.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a Voice powered Digital Assistant which is now available on more than 5,000 devices. It has made amazing progress since its launch in May 2016, and is likely the most advanced of voice assistants available.

How does Google Assistant work?

The voice commands activate Google Assistant with a ‘OK google’ or ‘Hey Google’ and then lets you ‘Google’ your own world. For example, you can ask it for directions, create a shopping list, ask where the nearest petrol station is whilst you are travelling, call a local locksmith. It can check your appointments for the day, send messages, and through the bot-centric AI experience it can enable you to have conversational interactions with it. Google Assistant understands the context of what you are saying, so it will react in an informed or smart way.

What businesses can tap into the Google Assistant audience?

Currently 8 trades services in the US can be included in the Local Services voice search results – these are plumbers, house cleaners, locksmiths, heating and air conditioning services, electricians, garage door repair services, house painters and appliance repair services.

Although this is only currently available in the US, it undoubtedly will be extended to the UK in the future, and what you are doing right now could impact whether you are able to get your business validated to be found on Google Assistant voice search in the future.

Mobile voice search is used more for local search queries than text searches, so for local businesses 3 main factors will come into play for validation: location, engagement and quality. The potential for increased exposure for local businesses in these trade services is huge so it is important to start working to increase your rank and authority now, as it could pay dividends in the future.

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What businesses can tap into the Google Assistant audience? Currently there are 8 trade service in the US that can achieve verification for voice search indexing. It hasn't yet extended to the UK, but it is likely to in the future so it pays to be prepared.