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Google+ Shuts Down August 2019

Google+ to be shut down in April 2019

Way back in 2013, I wrote a blog entitled ‘Include Google+ As Part of Your SEO Strategy’ because at that time Google+ showed much promise as a social networking service. It was a platform that businesses could tap into to enhance their brand presence and find new connections by interacting with people and other businesses who had a shared interest in a topic or industry sector.

In 2013 Google+ had 500 million active users, was growing fast and was the second largest social media platform after Facebook. Google even publicly predicted it would have more active users than Facebook by 2016! Google+ didn’t however take over Facebook. In fact, the last 2 years have been fraught with privacy issues and data breaches. The platform usage has been in decline, it didn’t meet consumers expectations and we basically all lost faith in its purpose and effectiveness. So in April 2019, Google+ will be no more.

What to do if you have a Google+ profile and business page

You can either wait for Google to remove the profile and page when they shut it down, which will be done over a period of months starting from April. It may be good from a data protection point of view, however, to remove it now and take the data out of Google’s hands.

There is a tool called Google Takeout which will give you the option of exporting and saving your data from any of the Google products, including your Google+ profile data and content, photos and video you may have associated with the profile. Once you have the data safely downloaded, you can either wait for Google to remove your profile or delete it yourself.

A personal profile can be deleted through Settings. Deleting a Personal Profile will not affect other Google products such as Search, Gmail and your Google Account. Deleting a Personal Profile is, permanent.

To delete your Google+ Business page, again, go into Settings of the page and at the bottom of the page click ‘Delete Your Google+ Page.’

What you don’t want to remove is your Google Brand Account. Deleting this will permanently delete all content, including posts, videos and photos. Managers won’t be able to access it and if you have Adwords Express Ads running, these will become inactive. If you have a website published using Google My Business, this will also be unpublished and deleted.

So our advice is, back up your data, and if you are going to manually delete your profile and page, then just take it slowly and make sure you aren’t deleting the brand account or google account by mistake. Only click DELETE once you are 100% certain you have it right!

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There is a tool called Google Takeout which will give you the option of exporting and saving your data from any of the Google products. Find out more.