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How increasing brand authority will help your SEO

There is a lot more to SEO than just inserting a few keywords into your website content. There are in fact over 200 factors that correlate to page rank, so it’s no wonder that many website owners are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve good brand visibility in Google being that it is such a competitive marketplace.

10 years ago, much fewer websites were optimised to work effectively in Google than they are now. If you had invested in Best Practice SEO for your site some years ago, you will likely have taken the lion’s share of the traffic at that time, however, as competitors step up their game and invest more in their SEO, you may well be finding that it’s not as easy as it once was to achieve visibility on Page 1 of Google for all the keywords you want to rank for.

Some sectors are of course more competitive than others. If you are in a niche sector, it will probably be quite easy to achieve brand visibility for a variety of keywords you wish to rank for. If, however, you are an ecommerce site or in a sector that has strong competition, you will need to really step up your SEO efforts in order to gain competitive edge.
One of the core ranking factors is the level of authoritativeness your site/brand has accrued over time.

Brand Authority is however largely subjective, so it is difficult to define exactly what it means and how to measure it, but generally speaking it is the level of trust that people have with your brand.

This is measured by the rank of your brand keywords, the quality of content you have shared across the web, particularly industry specific content, the level of brand engagement and consumer interaction your content achieves, and the number of positive online reviews that are associated with your brand.

Brand Keyword Rank

Brand keyword rank is increased when users searching on your brand name click on a Google results link and lands on your site. The more traffic you get from brand name searches, the more your brand authority rank will increase. It is only a small part of overall brand authority, but this, in itself, is worth investing some time on. Using your brand name as a hashtag on social posts will also help increase your brand authority across social platforms if people actively use them to find your business.

Generating brand awareness is key in increasing brand authority, so an online brand awareness campaign will help to get your brand in front of more eyes. If people then start to search on your brand name as a result, this will have a positive impact on your overall rank.

Share & Create Quality Content

Generating good PR is great for increasing brand authority. Media coverage in the form of industry-specific articles, fundraising, help/advice/how to videos, running competitions or polls on social platforms, supporting your local community will all contribute towards increasing your brand authority.

Thought leadership is equally as important. Writing white papers, big thought pieces or digital stories can really help give your brand authority a boost.

In addition, engaging a brand ambassador will help to increase the visibility of your brand. The role of a Brand Ambassador is to represent and promote your brand and to build stronger connections between your brand and your audience. Word of mouth recommendations is still proven to be one of the best forms of advertising, and this is where a Brand Ambassador really has the power to influence.

Gaining Positive Reviews

Generating positive reviews increases your brand authority and consumer confidence.

Positive Reviews are becoming a stronger ranking signal and does contribute to the level of trust and authoritativeness Google awards to your site.

Working on increasing your Google review rating through your Google My Business profile will really help boost the rank of your Local Search Listing and will contribute towards your organic rank.

A survey conducted by Moz in 2018 of local search ranking factors found that review signals attributed to 15.44% of all ranking signals for the local search pack and 6.47% of localised organic ranking factors.

It is advisable to also work at generating reviews on social platforms as well as choosing a third party review platforms such as Trust Pilot, Checkatrade or Amazon all generating positive reviews cross-platform will strengthen your brand authority across the web, not just in Google.

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There is a lot more to SEO than just inserting a few keywords into your website content. There are in fact over 200 factors that correlate to page rank. Find out how to increase your brand authority.