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Website Optimisation and engaging content will help keep customers on your site

How To Better Connect With Your Website Users

Get your website visitors sticking to your website!

Most website owners use analytics software to gain insight on traffic coming through the site and gain some understanding of how visitors interact when using the site.

You may just monitor your traffic using basic metrics such as traffic source volumes, page views, bounce rate and conversions but there is a lot more insight that can be gained from platforms such as Google Analytics, and through regular monitoring and analysis, this insight will help you to better understand your audience so you can connect with them better. This will not only help to keep customers sticking to your site, but it will also have a positive impact on your conversions and ROI.

Why are your website visitors not converting?

One factor could be that your site is not attracting the right traffic.

In order to attract traffic which is going to connect with your brand, you need to optimise the site for focus keywords and search terms that are important to your business.

On-site SEO

On-Site SEO is one element of the SEO mix. Following careful analysis of potential keywords and keywords used by your competitors, we can determine which keywords will present the best opportunities for gaining competitive edge. Optimising your web pages for target keywords will drive a much more targeted segment of users to your site, which then means they are more likely to engage with the content on your site and increases the likelihood of converting a prospect into a customer.

If you already have SEO in place, and you are confident you have optimised for the right search terms, then the next check should be on the usability of the site.


Ask someone who isn’t familiar with your website to visit the site and give you some feedback on their experience. Ask your customers for feedback on their website experience too. This research may highlight some issues that weren’t apparent to you and improving the customer online experience, will help to keep users engaged whilst on the site.

Is content easy to find once a user lands on the site? Often we find that over time sites have been updated, extra pages have been added, and often there is little thought to how people are going to access this content. This can make navigation frustrating, so try to keep your navigation menus clear and uncluttered, and if you add new pages, think about how you can direct your visitors to reach this content.

Check your page links. Sometimes internal links between pages can get broken, and seeing ‘Page not Found’ errors does nothing to enhance a visitor’s perception of your brand. Keep your site maintained and check all internal links periodically.

If usability has been tested and you are happy that you provide the best experience possible, then the next check is on content.


Search engines love fresh content. No-one likes to land on a site that is showing old news – keep it current and get into the habit of updating it regularly. Regular content updates will trigger more frequent crawls by search crawlers. Higher crawl rates results in higher impressions, and higher impressions will give your site more visibility in search pages, resulting in higher CTR.

It is also worth checking the readability of the content. High content volume is key for good SEO, so you will need at least 300 words on each page, but don’t overdo it. Reams and reams of content in hard to read paragraphs using jargon will not present the best experience for your customers.

Provide useful, relevant information on the site, and if you need to elaborate and provide in-depth information, then attach a pdf document and provide a clear Call to Action button to give users the option to download the extra content. Not only is this better for the user, it is also better for your SEO and keeps content relevance higher and clutter to a minimum.

Add engaging content such as images and videos will enhance the visual appearance of the site and it will improve levels of engagement.

Dynamic content can be used in a variety of ways – to create brand awareness, launch a new service or product, to provide a platform for customer reviews and case studies, helpful advice, tips and tutorials, or to provide some snippets of rich media for the pure entertainment value.

Addressing all these elements will help to keep your potential customers sticking to your site, which in turn will help to improve conversions and ROI.

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Why are your website visitors not converting? One factor could be that your site is not attracting the right traffic. In order to attract quality traffic you need to optimise the site for focus keywords and search terms that are important to your business.