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Competitor Analysis

How to Identify Dangerous Competitors

Do you know who your most dangerous competitors are? Do you feel their brand presence is stronger online than yours? Do you know how they are achieving this? It could be the result of a number of ranking factors; brand authority, trust flow, link equity, social engagement, website optimisation. It is best to know who your competitors are, how strong the level of competition is, and what you need to do to gain competitive edge.

Analyse Your Competition

The aim of a Competitor Analysis is to compare, analyse and evaluate the authority and strength of multiple domains in order to gain competitive advantage. The analysis undertaken by Whizz Marketing will compare your domain strength with that of your competitors’ domains to provide valuable insight that will help you to create an effective marketing and SEO strategy.

What does the Analysis Show?

The competitor analysis report is produces a range of metrics, each shown as a comparison of your site to your competitors. The metrics measured and analysed include:

.  Organic search traffic volume
.  Average ranking position
.  No. of keywords ranked in search results
.  Alexa Global Rank
.  Traffic Scores
.  Link Profile
.  Domain Age
.  Domain Authority
.  Total website pages
.  Dangerous competitors
.  Social Citations
.  Social Engagement

Once we have compiled this data and analysed it, we will present the findings in a comprehensive, easy-to- understand report. The report will give you a much clearer understanding of what action you need to take in order to gain competitive advantage.

Sometimes we find that the most dangerous competitors are merchant sites, comparison sites or retail giants – all huge sites with thousands of pages. Clearly it will be virtually impossible for a relatively small website with only 100 products to compete organically with the likes of Amazon, Tesco or John Lewis. If we find this to be the case for you, then we will provide some recommendations on how you can achieve higher brand authority and visibility on other channels, so not relying totally on organic search visibility as the main traffic driver. There are always options, and there are certainly many great opportunities for a business to market their products and services successfully online. Let us show you how!

Whizz Marketing is a Google Partner Agency, and Louise Cranstone, SEO & Marketing Consultant, is an accredited Google Advertising Specialist. For further information on more research and analysis services offered by Whizz Marketing, please visit 

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A Competitor Analysis Report will show you where your site is positioned in SERPS against that of your competitors. Do you know who your most dangerous competitors are? Do you feel their brand presence is stronger online than yours? Do you know how they are achieving this? Find out more.