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Increase Local Brand Awareness This Summer

Spring is the perfect time to be planning your summer marketing activities.

If you are wanting to increase your local brand awareness this summer, what better way than to provide support, and be involved with, one or two of the many local events that are likely to be happening in your locality.

From school fairs to music festivals, the summer plays host to a great many events, events that your potential customers may be planning to attend. It would be a missed opportunity not to get your brand in front of their eyes!

How can I market my business locally?

Event Sponsorship

Most events offer tiered sponsorship packages, so giving businesses with smaller budgets the chance to also be involved, albeit with lower prominence than main sponsors. Sponsorship opportunities can be as small as having your brand on a beer barrel in the beer tent at a local event. Even though seemingly a small offering, it has the potential to be seen by a large number of people. This would clearly be offered at a much lower price, than sponsoring a main stage where your brand would be displayed on banners, flags and possibly even large digital screens, giving your brand maximum exposure during the event or show.

If you know of any local events, it is certainly worthwhile getting in touch to find out what sponsorship opportunities are available. The organisers are generally really appreciative to local businesses for any level of support they can offer, so I’m sure whatever your budget, they will find a package that will get your brand in front of the local audience.

Generate Some Positive PR!

Supporting the local community is key to generating PR. Whether you already have a nominated charity you support, or you are looking to be involved with a National Campaign, thinking outside of the box and coming up with some innovative and quirky ideas for how to get your brand standing out amongst others will help to generate some positive PR.

Local news editors love to write about local businesses who really go the extra mile to support the local community or charities. Make your contribution memorable and think of fundraising activities that are wild, wacky and entertaining. Doing so will give your company a much higher chance of making it to the local news!

Local Advertising

There are many opportunities to advertise to a local audience:

Leaflet distribution – either via Royal Mail or delivered by hand yourself, this can gain maximum reach across the local area.
Town Centre advertising – posters, leaflets, billboards, digital screens, market research, fundraising – all will work to raise brand awareness in a busy town centre.
Community Magazines – most towns and villages have at least one community magazine. Parish magazines also prove to be good value. Although they tend to have a smaller distribution, readership is often high, so a worthwhile option if you are looking for low-cost advertising.
GP/Dentist Surgeries – many GP surgeries and dental practices have digital screens offering advice and information to patients, and these are interspersed with ads, but it is easier to get into rate of dental implant failures or some other rates. An audience in a waiting room is a captive audience. They generally have little else to do other than look at what is around them whilst they wait for their appointment. A digital screen visually connects with an audience, and if it is constantly changing and displaying different messages it will engage with the audience easily.
Mobile Advertising – Vehicles not phones! Get brand exposure all around the local area by advertising on vehicles.  Many taxi firms offer advertising on their cabs, and the local bus operator is also likely to have some advertising opportunities on local bus routes.

Seize the opportunity to reach your local audience! Whizz Marketing is a Google Partner SEO and Marketing Agency located in Fleet Hampshire. If you would like some support in raising local brand awareness, please get in touch. For further information please visit

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Increase local brand awareness this summer and implement a local marketing strategy. Local events, carnivals, school fetes all present an opportunity for businesses to get their brand in front of the eyes of a local audience. Local community magazines, town centre can help to promote your business locally.