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Let’s Talk SEO – SEO tips for SME’s

Following on from our blog in the Let’s Talk series, Let’s Talk Research, next up is Let’s Talk SEO.

Many businesses approach Whizz Marketing who have previously invested in SEO and have not seen the results they want and need for their business. We are here to assure you that SEO DOES WORK if applied in accordance with Google’s Best Practice and we always get results for our clients.

Why invest in SEO?

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Increase brand authority
  • Increase leads
  • Increase sales

Google Search Results pages show content from multiple sources

Google is a very competitive marketplace and it has become more challenging for SEO consultants to achieve top positions. Not just because of increased competition, but also due to changes in algorithms and the reduced number of organic listings that now display on Page 1 in Google search results.

The format of the Google Search Results page will vary depending on what you are searching for.

Generally, you will notice that Ads will always appear at the top. You may also see an Ad Image Carousel at the top, and Local Service Ads for Google Guaranteed businesses.

Further down are the local search results. If you have searched on a local business, or are looking for a service, the Google map with a snack pack of listings who rank well will display. This content is feeding from your Google My Business profile.

You may also see a knowledge panel on the right hand side if you search for people, locations, places, objects, brands, events, history, etc. This content is collected by Google from public sources, including Wikipedia and The CIA World Factbook, with millions of objects and billions of relational facts.

The People Always Ask box is often displayed and this shows popular questions and there is opportunity here to get your content displaying in this box if you have an FAQs page with structured data markup applied.

You may also see Top Stories snippets from news and media sites.

Video snippets may also display. Embedding YouTube videos onto your site and applying structured data markup will help your videos achieve rank.
Then, after a user scrolls through all this content, there are the organic search results listings.

So you can see, there is now a lot of space on Page 1 taken up with content from multiple sources, not just websites, and the results are a combination of paid and organic.

How to get your business on Google Page 1

At Whizz, we do get results for our clients. All our clients enjoy Page 1 positions for their business. So how do we achieve this?
We use proven strategies that combine on-site SEO, off-site SEO and Local SEO to get results.

On-site SEO:

Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Meta Tags
Content Optimisation
Image and Video Optimisation
Mobile Optimisation
Structured Data Markup

Off-Site SEO:

Citation Building
Content Marketing
Blog Writing
Brand Loyalty
Social Profile Optimisation

Local SEO:

Google My Business Profile Optimisation
Local Business Markup
Local Linkbuilding
Geo-Targeted Content Optimisation

Theses strategies will be totally customised to the needs of your business.

Get your SEO Boost Today!

Whizz Marketing is a Google Partner Agency and a Certified Google Advertising Consultant.
Please get in touch on 01256 229073 if you would like to get more exposure for your business.

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