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Are you looking for a Marketing Agency in Basingstoke Hampshire that gets results? If so you have come to the right place!

Whizz Marketing Services is a results-driven Google Partner SEO & Marketing Agency in Hampshire and we deliver dedicated, remote marketing and SEO support to SME’s in Hampshire and surrounding areas.

We are totally committed to helping your brand achieve more visibility online. Marketing Agency in Basingstoke Hampshire

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The Pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we shop, the way we communicate and will likely impact decisions we make for some time to come.

We want to help SME’s get back on track. Whizz can help you to re-focus your marketing by adapting your strategies so you come out stronger on the other side.

The marketing strategies we use have been tried and tested, created through experience and adapted to the new environment.

We know what works and what doesn’t and we will work with you to gain an understanding of your business so we can create, implement and manage your online marketing strategies efficiently and with success.

Take action now, get ahead of competitors and seize opportunities

Whizz offers a range of digital marketing services including digital marketing strategy, keyword and competitor analysis, SEO audits, SEO, PPC Campaigns, Social Campaigns, Email Campaigns and Web Content Writing.

We are totally committed to helping your brand achieve more visibility online. A focused, results-driven marketing strategy will help increase targeted traffic to your website, which will result in better quality leads and more conversions – and that is exactly what we do!

Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Increases Brand Authority
  • Increases Brand Engagement
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Drives More Conversions
  • Increases Sales

Why invest in Digital Marketing?

So much has changed since the pandemic, and the way your brand engages with customers going forwards will need to reflect these changes.
Adapting your content and messaging is key in this post-Covid climate. The need for brands to be sensitive, helpful and offer value has never been more important.

If you want engage with your audience, achieve greater brand prominence in Google and want to attract more highly targeted traffic to your site, then investing in a digital marketing strategy will help to achieve these goals.

GET A FREE AUDIT TODAY! We will audit your site free of charge and provide a quotation on what can be done to help improve brand visibility, targeting and user engagement. If there are any more specific services you require we can add those into the mix to provide a customised SEO & marketing quotation.

Marketing Agency Basingstoke

Reaching a local audience in Hampshire

We help businesses in Hampshire to increase local search visibility and generate more web traffic from users who are actively searching for products and services in the local area.

We do this in a variety of ways, including optimisation and management of Google My Business profiles, applying location-targeting & structured data markup to websites and by creating location-specific content.

If you want to target a local audience in Hampshire, you definitely need to consider investing in a local SEO strategy that will work to drive local, targeted traffic to your website.


  • Trusted Google Partner Agency with specialisms in mobile & search advertising
  • Over 20 years marketing expertise
  • Proven SEO & marketing campaign success
  • Loyal customer base
  • Rated 5.0 on Google with 21 reviews
  • Complete transparency on costs and packages
  • Certified WordPress SEO Specialist
  • Local & National reach across multiple sectors

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    SEO helps to increase the visibility of your website in Google search results and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

    We can package up all these services to give your brand the boost it needs



    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • SEO Audit
    • Technical SEO
    • Content Optimsation
    • Meta Tag Optimisation
    • Image Optimisation
    • Schema Markup


    Post Covid-19

    Whizz Marketing Services in Fleet is an accredited SEO Company in Hampshire and Google Partner Marketing Agency who is dedicated to delivering as much support as you need during this challenging time, and beyond. If your business has been impacted by the pandemic, we can help get it back on track.

    Category: Post Covid-19

    Many businesses are facing huge challenges post Covid-19 and most have needed to adapt to the post Covid-19 world in order to survive. There are new opportunities for businesses who can adapt to the way people are now using the Internet, and brands that show empathy, understanding and loyalty to their customers and staff are the ones that will come out of this strongest.
    Revising and adapting your SEO strategy to reflect the current climate and the changes in user search behaviour will be key to maintaining competitive edge and tapping into new markets. Investing in PPC and paid social advertising may also present new opportunities to reach your target audience. Your online content and messaging will need to be adapted during such unprecedented times. It needs to still be relevant, but also be sensitive and helpful. Look to provide value to your audience with offers such as free delivery and easier payment options.

    Category: Post Covid-19

    You will need to adapt your SEO strategy for the best chance of getting through these tougher times and maintaining competitive edge. Although a lot of people have returned to work, millions of workers are still furloughed or working from home, and this may continue for some months to come. This means your audience is still spending a lot of time online, using it for entertainment, research and shopping and you will need to adapt and embrace new SEO strategies in order to capture this market who are spending more time online than ever before.
    If you haven’t had an SEO Audit on your site for some time, then this should be a priority. You will need to know how your site has been performing during the pandemic, but you also need to ensure your site is error free if you want it to rank well in Google. The next important step is to do some keyword research to check the search volume trend for your target keywords, and also to look for new opportunities that different keywords may now present. A competitor analysis is also useful and will give you a better understanding of where your site is positioned against that of your competition. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to build a strategy that will give you competitive edge.

    Category: Post Covid-19

    Covid-19 has changed search behaviour, and it has also changed the way we buy, the way we sell and the way we deliver our products and services. As more people were confined to their homes during lockdown, shopping sites and social media platforms experienced huge increases in traffic, whilst search demand for restaurants, events and travel took a nosedive. You will need to pivot your marketing and SEO to react appropriately to Covid-19 changes.

    Category: Post Covid-19

    Since the pandemic, everything has changed. The way people search has changed, the way people buy, the way we sell, the way we communicate – this has all changed since the outbreak so it is important to adapt and embrace a new SEO strategy if you want your website to continue to attract targeted traffic in the volumes seen pre-Covid-19. The first step will be to conduct an SEO Audit of your website. This will provide insight on the current level of optimisation, any technical issues that may be holding your site back, positioning against that of your competitors and opportunities that now present themselves that perhaps were not evident before the pandemic. It will also be beneficial to do some keyword research and also run a competitor analysis so you know what your competitors have been up to over the last few months, and how they are adapting to the new climate. Once you have analysed all the data, you will have a much clearer idea on what you need to do in order to improve your SEO and gain competitive advantage.

    Category: Post Covid-19

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