K Interiors Ltd, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire


Ryan Kaye, Managing Director of K Interiors Ltd in Leighton Buzzard was referred to Whizz Marketing by an existing client.

K Interiors Ltd was formed in 2017, and following a successful first year, Ryan was ready to invest more into marketing his business online. K Interiors already had an online presence with a low budget website, however, following an initial Audit of the website, it was evident that it wasn’t working to generate leads and wasn’t connecting with the users landing on the site.

The first part of the remit was, therefore, to work with the web developer to create a new website with the goal of driving higher volumes of targeted traffic, increasing engagement of users on site and generating more leads, either via phone, email, or showroom visits.

The site went live in July 2018 and following the application by Whizz of on-site and off-site optimisation, it wasn’t long before Ryan started to see an increase in enquiries and increased foot-fall in the showroom.

Along with the on-site and off-site SEO, Whizz also manages the K Interiors Google My Business profile, which is key to helping to increase local search visibility, and writes 2 x blog articles per month to help increase keyword relevance and help build rank on focus keywords.

As a new site and reasonably young domain, it is anticipated it would take time to gain rank and authority, so whilst the site gains traction, we are also managing a Google Ads campaign to ensure K Interiors maintains Google Page 1 prominence for the keywords that are important to the business.

Since launching the new site, running the paid ads and blogging regularly, Ryan has reported a notable increase in trade over the last quarter and a significant increase in website leads. So much so, he is planning on extending the kitchen showroom and opening a new office in 2019!

Whizz is delighted to hear the business is thriving and achieving growth and we look forward to continuing our work with Ryan and helping to maintain the high online brand visibility we have achieved to date to ensure the website continues to generate a positive return on investment.

“Louise has been great with helping to build my new website. Her knowledge is fantastic. Louise is very quick to respond to your emails and phone calls. We are so busy here which is good and we are soon to be extending the showroom and building a new office. There is also a steady flow of website leads now coming through. Highly recommend.”

Ryan Kaye, Managing Director at K Interiors Ltd

K Interiors Ltd
K Interiors Ltd

Phoenix Managed Services Ltd, Pitstone, Buckinghamshire


The initial brief from Phoenix Managed Services Ltd was to re-design the website so it conveyed a clearer representation of the diverse range of services the company provides. Whizz created the new site plan which included a new case study and news section and an extensive 40 page portfolio of services. The end result was a modern, fresh and user-friendly site that is built to work for both users and search engines.

Whilst the design and build was in progress, Louise worked on writing new content which was optimised using keywords identified through keyword research as providing the best opportunity for increasing organic traffic and visibility.

The site went live in May 2018 and we are currently monitoring the site to ensure the SEO takes effect and the site achieves higher traffic volumes and increased rank.
With the on-site SEO completed, the next phase of the SEO Strategy is to work on the Off-Site SEO which will include linkbuilding, content marketing, social engagement and generating positive reviews.

“Louise at Whizz Marketing has been a great help to us in the re-design of our website and launch of a new marketing and social media strategy. Louise co-ordinated the website design, build and content on our behalf ensuring everything hit the latest SEO requirements. This provided the launch pad for a new blog and social media strategy, which Louise also managed on our behalf. We’re very happy with the new design and our website performance and traffic KPIs are already moving in a very positive direction within a matter of weeks.”

Adam Bland, Phoenix Managed Services Ltd –

Phoenix Managed Services Ltd
Phoenix Managed Services Ltd

TM Roofing, Fleet, Hampshire


TM Roofing was one of our first clients back in 2011 and we are still providing regular marketing and SEO support for them today.

Our initial remit was to develop a web presence for TM Roofing that would help to increase online brand visibility and enhance trust and credibility amongst consumers. We worked to achieve this goal through initial research and analysis to establish the audience, market share, competition and opportunity. This was followed by a website re-development and implementation of an SEO & PPC Strategy.

During this time, we also measured and analysed ROI on the clients’ off-line advertising spend and, over time, it became clear that online advertising was generating higher ROI than print media, so we adapted the advertising strategy to focus on channels that were giving a better return.

TM Roofing now have a strong online brand presence and rank on Google Page 1 for a variety of keywords that are important to the business. Six years on, the website is scheduled for further re-development to adapt it to the mobile user experience and to migrate it to a secure HTTPS server which will help to increase rank and maintain competitive edge. Once this is completed we will continue to work with TM Roofing to help the company to find, and take advantage of, new opportunities that will help them to achieve their goals.

“Whizz Marketing Services has been, and is continuing to provide an excellent marketing service to TM Roofing & Building. Louise quickly understood our requirements and goals and is very pro-active in her work. She has optimised our website and improved our search engine rank position which in-turn has resulted in more website traffic and more sales leads which have produced some great contacts for our company.”

Trevor Martin, TM Roofing –

TM Roofing
TM Roofing

Simple Creative Marketing Ltd, Berkshire

Whizz Marketing has been providing white label Google Adwords support to Simple Creative Marketing Ltd for over 4 years.

The Simple Creative client was previously using another PPC agency, however, the campaign wasn’t performing well and wasn’t working to generate enough leads to justify the campaign spend or the high management fee charged by the agency.

Simple Creative approached Whizz to review the campaign performance and in doing so, we quickly identified a number of issues that were resulting in poor targeting and low conversions.

Upon taking over the account, we worked to optimise the campaign which resulted in an immediate increase in highly targeted traffic to the site and higher conversion rates. We were also able to increase the daily spend on the campaign because the savings made on the lower Whizz management fee were allocated to the campaign budget, helping to increase ad rank and visibility.

Since the initial campaign was optimised and proved to be delivering the desired results, the client has added another 5 campaigns to the remit to maximise brand exposure for an extensive list of keywords which are important to their business. These campaigns have now been running successfully for over 2 years.

“I have worked with Louise for a number of years on all the black arts relating to SEO, Google Adwords, etc and will continue to do so for many years. Professional in her approach, but easy to talk to, Louise is always happy to explain the complexities in plain English to ensure clarity. Offering excellent value for money with clear results and success, the stats quite literally speak for themselves.”

Paddy Halfhide, Simple Creative Marketing –

Property Mastery Academy, Brighton, West Sussex


Property Mastery Academy approached Whizz Marketing 5 years ago to help with marketing their new property training company.

Louise worked with Mark and Jackie to devise an SEO and Marketing Strategy that would connect them with potential property investors and help them to achieve their business goals.

The remit included the re-development and optimisation of their website, applying both on-site and off-site SEO, launching a Google Adwords campaign and growing their social presence through a mix of organic content and PPC advertising campaigns.

Over the years, we have adapted the SEO strategy in-line with changes to algorithms and user search behaviour and through regular monitoring and reporting we have been able to clearly demonstrate the impact and return on their investment.

The PMA website now outranks all competitor sites, and is ranked on Page 1 of Google for 6 of their focus keywords and boasts a traffic score of 87/100.

The combination of good on-site SEO and the ongoing investment in off-site SEO, which includes linkbuilding, blogging and social media marketing has helped the site achieve higher domain authority and trust and continuing to invest in these areas, will ensure the site retains its competitive edge and rank in the future.

Louise has been providing SEO and online marketing support to PMA for 5 years. Over the years Louise has, and continues to, provide a professional service. If I have any queries or just need some advice, Louise will respond quickly and action anything that is required. The weekly blogs written by Whizz are always delivered on time and rarely require any amends. Louise provides great value, professional & dedicated support and I would, and indeed have, recommended Whizz Marketing to anyone who wants to get their business on the map and who is looking to outsource their SEO and marketing to a trusted agency who delivers what they promise.

Mark Lloyd, PMA –

Property Mastery Academy
Property Mastery Academy

Watson Thomas Solicitors, Fleet, Hampshire


When Rachel Watson at Watson Thomas Solicitors contacted Whizz Marketing, being a newly formed company with a new website, their business had virtually no brand presence online.

The initial brief was to increase overall brand visibility across the web, and to drive more targeted traffic to their website.

We audited the website to see how the site was performing organically and identified the need to have on-site SEO applied. The site also needed more content to help increase keyword relevance, so we added a Help & Advice blog to provide a platform where we could add regular articles and build up the content volume on the site. We started to write blog articles and posted twice per month, and these pages soon gained rank and generated much higher volumes of traffic to the site.

To complement the SEO Strategy, we created a PPC Campaign to drive local targeted traffic to the site for keywords the site wasn’t currently ranking for organically. This combined PPC and SEO Strategy resulted in much higher brand visibility for a greater number of keywords. We have also built a strong social media presence for Watson Thomas Solicitors through organic posts and PPC campaigns and this has also contributed to an increase in traffic and conversions.

Since 2012, continual investment in SEO and marketing, both online and off-line, has helped Watson Thomas Solicitors achieve a strong online brand presence and higher rank and visibility than all local competitors. The site now outranks all local divorce solicitors with more keywords ranking in search results, and a higher traffic score. The site currently ranks #1 in Google for 9 keywords, and has over 35 keywords in the top 20 positions.

“I first met with Louise when I had been trading for six months or so and wanted to increase awareness of my practice. Louise has worked with me predominantly with the website and online advertising, but also on local marketing. Since first working with Whizz Marketing, our online presence has increased to an extent that I would estimate that 70% of our clients come to us through the internet. Louise is extremely efficient and proactive and therefore easy to work with. Once she knows what it is you want to achieve, she will set about doing so quickly. Louise will always remind me when something needs to be done and keeps me well informed about how the website and different campaigns are working. I have been completely satisfied with the services Whizz Marketing provides, both in terms of Louise herself and results from the work she carries out. The number of times our telephone rings each day with new enquiries is testament to Louise’s outstanding work.“

Rachel Watson, Watson Thomas Solicitors –

Watson Thomas Solicitors
Watson Thomas Solicitors

KOOSA Kids Ltd, Camberley, Surrey


KOOSA Kids is a leading breakfast, after school and holiday club provider operating over 40 clubs across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Richmond.

Louise has been working with KOOSA Kids since 2011. Initially the role required Louise to work at Head Office one day a week providing online and off-line marketing and SEO support. As a result of continued growth, the marketing remit expanded and became a full-time role, so with an internal marketing team now in place, Louise now works remotely providing online marketing and SEO consultancy and support.

Over the years, Louise has worked on building KOOSA Kid’s online brand presence through the application of on-site and off-site SEO, and with over 40 venues this was quite a task! The off-site SEO remit included building backlinks to high authority sites, posting events, creating listings on parenting and community sites, managing the Google My Business & Bing Places profiles for over 40 venues and building a strong social presence.

Alongside the organic strategy, Whizz also managed multiple Google Adwords campaigns. These campaigns were created to reach people who were within a 3 mile radius of each holiday club and who were searching for holiday club childcare. The campaigns successfully generated conversions with a positive ROI.

KOOSA Kids outrank all their main competitors and ranks #1 in Google for 50 keywords with 72 keywords in Top 20 positions.

KOOSA Kids is currently re-developing their website to create a fresh, modern, mobile responsive site that will take their business forward and facilitate future growth. Louise has provided an SEO Specification for the developers to work to, helping to ensure the on-site SEO is not compromised during the re-development. Once the new site is built, Whizz will re-apply the on-site SEO and will continue to monitor and manage the rank and visibility of the site to ensure it retains competitive edge.

Louise’s eye for detail, insightfulness and understanding of our business has made her a real asset to the team. Thanks to Louise’s in-depth knowledge of SEO and ability to explain with clarity how it all works, I personally have gained a much better understanding of SEO and what we need to do to maximise on the opportunities that search marketing presents. I am confident that Louise will continue to manage our SEO effectively to ensure we maintain our Google #1 rank and high brand visibility in the competitive organic search marketplace. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Lee Partner, KOOSA Kids Ltd –

KOOSA Kids Ltd
KOOSA Kids Ltd