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SEO Focus for 2022 – Boost your online brand visibility

In 2022 Whizz will be focusing on delivering highly effective and innovative SEO strategies to clients.

When SEO is done correctly, it works to help you achieve your business goals.

By applying an SEO Strategy that is aligned to your business goals, you will first start to notice that you can find your content much more easily when typing keywords into Google search.

This increased online brand visibility for keywords that are important to your business will attract more targeted traffic to your website.

As the audience is more targeted, this will naturally increase the level of user engagement with your brand, and this will help to drive more conversions, resulting in better quality leads and more sales.

What should be the focus for SEO in 2022?

  1. E.A.T – Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness
    Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines is the Google SEO Bible that is used by human quality raters to assess the quality of Google’s search results. It states that the E.A.T concept is a ranking factor and experts are indicating this to become a stronger signal in 2022.
    Expertise is about showing how knowledgeable you are on a subject or topic. This can be demonstrated through your blog, your author bio, your social media interactions and connections.
    Authoritativeness is about your brand reputation, particularly amongst other experts and influencers in your sector. Enhancing your brand reputation can be achieved by generating positive reviews on third party platforms, references & brand recommendations from experts, news articles, white papers.
    Trustworthiness – your published content will be evaluated to ensure it is legitimate, transparent and accurate. Transparency will include displaying contact information and showing T&Cs, and a Privacy Policy.
  2. Desktop Page Experience
    This is interesting, because Google has been focusing so much on the mobile user experience in recent years, but this was probably the biggest algorithm update of 2021. Google is still rolling out the changes which are due to complete by February 2022. This relates to core web vitals which you can analyse using the Google Page Speed tool.
  3. Quality Linkbuilding
    My clients will know I always harp on about linkbuilding – quality, not quantity! This has always been one of Google’s core ranking factors that will help your domain to gain more trust and authority, and it is still a recommended focus for 2022
  4. Spam-free, Error-free, Secure Site
    Google’s main focus is to give users the best experience possible when they are accessing content through Google Search. This is why Google drives the quality content message so strongly.
    Give users what they want
    Make sure it’s quick and easy to find
    Make sure it’s accurate
    Make sure the content is created for the user, first and foremost.
    Fix errors on the site quickly
    Improve site security to reduce risk of spam attack
    Don’t keyword stuff
    Don’t create content that is hidden from users (cloaking)
    Don’t use spammy linkbuilding tactics

No-contract SEO for SME’s – Helping businesses to thrive in 2022 and beyond

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to help our clients be as successful as possible. We will help your business to thrive in the online marketplace in 2022 and beyond.

Our SEO services are totally bespoke and we will create a strategy that is best suited to the needs of your business, and your budget. We don’t tie our clients into a contract. There is no set monthly fee to pay. All prices are quoted up front with complete transparency.

It can take 3 months for any SEO applied to take effect in Google, so we will track the performance of your site for 3 months following the SEO Boost, totally FREE OF CHARGE! We do this because we are confident that you will see that our work has had a positive impact on your brand visibility in Google.

To get started on your SEO journey with Whizz in 2022, please get in touch with Louise on 01256 223073 or request a FREE Website Audit on our website.

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