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Get your On-Site SEO Boost Today!

We offer a totally bespoke SEO package for each and every client.

Every site is built differently and so SEO requirements will vary dependant on business goals and the strength of the competition.

Investing in our flexible and affordable on-site SEO boost package means you can feel reassured that the SEO work will be completely relevant to the needs of your business and will help you to achieve your long term goals.

With the Whizz on-site SEO boost package you will receive results driven SEO and marketing support without being tied into a long term agreement, giving you the flexibility to see how effective our SEO application is without too much commitment.

3 months FREE site monitoring and reporting to ensure the SEO takes effect

We will monitor the site progress for 3 months and will provide regular monthly reports during this time. We are confident that your site will see improved levels of performance and will have gained more organic visibility as a result of the optimisation.

After the initial 3 month monitoring period following optimisation, you then have the choice to continue working with Whizz to further enhance your online presence, or we can keep in touch and see how things go and you can always give us a call in a few months time if you feel the site needs another boost.

The SEO boost package provides an excellent foundation in which to build your online visibility. To further enhance your brand visibility we do recommend you continue to invest in off-site SEO and implement a content marketing strategy to ensure rank and domain authority continues to accrue over time.

We don’t ask for commitment to a monthly contract but we hope that you will allow us to re-audit the site every 6-12 months to check if any issues have developed. Google is constantly updating its algorithms, so it is highly recommended that you do invest in some further SEO audits, monitoring and reporting beyond the boost to ensure any issues that may occur in the future are quickly resolved.

What else can I do to increase brand visibility?

Applying good on-site SEO is important if you want people to find your business, but not everyone looks to Google when searching for products or information. Social channels can be extremely strong traffic drivers, as can email marketing, remarketing, display advertising and video advertising campaigns. We advise that all channels are explored and researched to see if any opportunities present themselves that could prove worthwhile investments.


We offer a totally bespoke SEO package for each and every client.

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