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Marketing, Consumer and Competitor Research

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors and can you gain competitive edge?

The Competitor Analysis report compares, analyses and evaluates the authority and strength of multiple domains in order to achieve competitive advantage.

The analysis evaluates your competitor domains for several SEO factors. Comparing your Domain Strength with that of your competitors’ domains provides valuable insight that will help you to create an effective marketing and SEO strategy, and one that will give you competitive edge.

What metrics will the Competitor Analysis show?

The Competitor Analysis Report will provide insight on up to 10 competitors; 4 of which will be analysed in detail.

The following metrics are analysed:

Competitor Traffic
Average Ranking Position of Competitor Domains
Site Visibility of Competitor Domains
Competitor Domain Authority & Link Profile
Competitor Social Citations & Engagement
Competitor Rank for Selected Keywords

Once we have compiled this data and analysed it, we will provide a comprehensive, easy-to- understand summary report that will give you the ammunition you need to gain competitive advantage.
Believe us when we say, it is immensely satisfying to start seeing your own domain appearing above your competitors!

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