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Marketing, Consumer and Competitor Research

Consumer research to better understand your audience

Whether you are looking for a simple poll or in-depth consumer research analysis, Whizz Marketing creates customised, branded surveys that can be sent via email, mobile or social media and easily integrated with mailing platforms such as Mailchimp and Eventbrite.

If you make customers happy, they will come back for more!

Did you know it actually costs a company far less to retain its existing customers than it does to find new ones?

Unhappy customers will tell 10 times more people of their experience with your company, than a happy customer will, so MAKE THEM HAPPY and ensure that any feedback that is passed on to family and friends is positive!

Gaining feedback from existing customers is recommended every once in a while as it is good to check that you really are delivering what you promise and that your customers are satisfied with the service you provide.

Sometimes, however, time and lack of resources means that you may have put this job off longer than you know you should.

Time needs to be given to preparing the survey, submitting the survey, receiving responses, evaluating responses and formulating an action plan so any areas of weakness can be given priority in coming months. Using Whizz makes it easy!

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