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Content Research

Quality, relevant content is key to successful online marketing.

Businesses need content for the search engines to find relevance to search queries.  We need content so people can learn about your brand.  We need content to convey authority and generate trust.  There is no getting away from it.  Content is what drives the internet.

The challenge we all have is to create content that stands out.  Content that will achieve some engagement and will hopefully be shared.  This is the goal – our content research service helps to achieve this.

We write many blog articles, a lot of website content and quite a few social posts for clients.  It can be challenging in some sectors to produce content that engages readers.  In response to our  frustration, we formulated a content research strategy that helps us to analyse content in a specific sector.

We analyse which content attracts higher levels of engagement, what channels work better in certain sectors and we gain inspiration by looking at content that has been posted and shared that relevant to the industry.

If you are running out of ideas on what content to produce for your business to keep engagement levels up, and you need some inspiration, then some content research may be just the ticket to re-ignite your creativity!  Give us a call on 01252 622129.

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