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SEO Audit

Find out how well your site is performing in Google

Websites are a bit like cars, they need regular maintenance and servicing to keep them working effectively.

If your website has been neglected in recent months, it could impact your SEO.  An SEO Audit will give you valuable insight on how well your site is optimised and performing in organic search results pages.

Free basic SEO Audit for small websites

Whizz offer a FREE SEO Audit (for sites with under 20 pages) which provides a ‘no obligation’ summary report on the site’s current level of optimisation.  The report will highlight any areas where improvements can be made that will have a positive effect on the site performance and usability.  This free audit will give you an idea on the current level of optimisation, but a full audit is recommended prior to starting on-site SEO to ensure all issues are identified.

An SEO Audit will help to identify any issues that could be holding your site back in Google Search

  • Meta tag optimisation
  • HTML title optimisation
  • Site speed
  • Mobile usability
  • Content quality
  • Content optimisation
  • Internal link text
  • Image optimisation
  • Sitemap accessibility
  • Crawler accessibility


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