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Social Buzz Analysis

How much buzz does your brand create across the web?  We can tell you!

Learn how much Social Buzz you are generating and which channels provide greater opportunity.

Most businesses realise that they need to have a presence on social channels. The question is, how much?

In terms of SEO, social media engagement and activity is a ranking factor, however, its important not lose focus on the fact that there are many other stronger factors which will have a far greater impact on your rank.

What social media buzz does generate is engagement, trust and authority, and this is important for your overall online brand credibility.

People do business with businesses they trust. Social media gives you the opportunity to develop a rapport with your audience, connect with them and earn their trust.

The Social Buzz Analysis Report will provide valuable insight on your current level of social activity against that of known competitors, the level of social engagement your business generates across the main social channels, social referral traffic, social citations (brand mentions) and social conversions (if you have conversion tracking set up on your analytics).

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