Gain valuable insight through research and analysis

Research and analysis provides valuable insight that will help us to devise a marketing strategy that is not only aligned to your business goals but that will also work to help achieve competitive edge.

At Whizz Marketing, we perform an awful lot of research for our clients! Why? Because it provides the foundation platform on which successful marketing strategies can be built.

The starting point when creating a new marketing strategy should be research, and lots of it. We offer a whole host of research and analysis services that can really help your business to achieve competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

Brands need to consider how popular keywords might not have changed have since pandemic, but the intent behind them may have. Keep up with the latest trending searches in your sector.

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SEO Audit

Find out how your site performs in Google. An SEO Audit will give you valuable insight on how well your site is optimised and performing in organic search results pages.

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Technical Audit

Technical issues such as broken links, slow server response times and page access issues can affect how well search crawlers penetrate your site. Increase your crawl rates by fixing all technical issues.

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Link Audit

Links to low quality domains can have a negative impact on your SEO. The Link Audit will identify what domains your site links and will establish whether the links are good quality or bad links that need to be removed.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core component of a successful marketing strategy. Undertaking Keyword Analysis will help identify which keywords will present the best opportunities for improving your SEO.

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Competitor Analysis

Learn who your strongest online competitors are and what keywords they rank for. The Competitor Analysis report compares, analyses and evaluates the authority and strength of multiple domains to help achieve competitive advantage.

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Website Analysis

We use Google Analytics to produce a Website Analysis Report which analyses and evaluates your site traffic and helps you gain a better understanding of how users engage with the content on your site.

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