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Targeted Online Advertising To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to being found online businesses can often find themselves overwhelmed, lost in a sea of search results and Hashtags. Being found online is no easy task, especially when there are thousands of other businesses competing with you, desperate to claim that coveted number 1 space on Google. In response, agencies like Whizz have been working hard to develop tailored, targeted online advertising methods to help drive more traffic to your website and get you found. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business Advertising

Digital Banners

Placing a digital banner on a website is the equivalent of buying billboard space at the side of a busy road. Digital banners are paid placements that will serve to promote your brand on websites who attract the target audience you want to reach.  By researching third party sites to ensure they are attracting the visitors who may be interested in your products and services, you can often just pay on a month by month basis and the booking often requires as little effort as completing a payment and sending a jpg image for upload.  Your ad will present the viewer with the opportunity to click through to your website. By placing a well designed banner on carefully chosen website, you are reinforcing your brand and directing more traffic to your website. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business Advertising

Display Remarketing

Display remarketing is an incredibly clever way of keeping your brand in front of the eyes of those who have previously shown an interest in your products.  Re-marketing is widely used by Google and can be incorporated into a Google adwords campaign, however there are restrictions, so it depends on the reach of your current campaign as to whether you can actually activate a re-marketing campaign through your existing campaign.   The re-marketing ads work by targeting people who have visited your website in the past but left the site before making a purchase. Re-marketing campaigns can only track visitors who have enabled tracking cookies.  The ads will then be displayed through Google search and display network and will only be shown to those people who have already expressed an interest in your products and services by visiting your site previously.  This repeated exposure across the Web reinforces your brand and helps it to make that solid connection with your target audience, enticing them back to buy. Display remarketing is a very powerful way to match the right people with the right message. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business PPC

Interstitials (Or Pop Up Ads)

We are all familiar with the classic ‘pop up ads’ that were massively overused in the new millennium to spam users with annoying and inappropriate content, causing them to quickly fall out of favour. However they are now coming back into fashion, and when carefully designed and executed on your website they can produce some impressive results. By using relevant pop ups to promote courses or promotional giveaways of your own products on your site, you can highlight what you want users to see and increase click through rates. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business Advertising

Pay Per Click

In recent years Pay Per Click advertisement has flourished, and businesses in every industry have been bidding against each other for top spot on the Google search results pages. Pay Per Click is an auction based advertising method where businesses can chose a selection of targeted keywords that they want their website to appear for in organic search results and bid against other businesses for each keyword. There are many other factors that affect the prominence of a pay per click advert than just the value of the bid, and this includes having strong keyword relevance in the ad text, on the landing page to generate a high quality score for each keyword.  The business that wins the auction will achieve top spot on that search query, exposing their brand to thousands of people every day. If your Adwords PPC Campaign is managed well and optimised to reach your target audience, PPC can give great returns on investment. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business PPC

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising embraces the advances of modern technology and the uprising of mobile use of the web to get your message to more users. There are a variety of ways you can reach consumers through mobile advertising including text messages, short video advertisements, in app advertising displays and interactive advertising displays. This is the perfect option for you if you are selling or promoting an app, or if your online customers are predominantly mobile users.  If you haven’t managed to get your site converted to pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test (a requirement following the launch of the new Mobile Algorithm released this month) then running a Mobile Google Adword campaign will give you a strong Page 1 presence on the mobile search network. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business PPC

Product Ads

Product ads are adverts which show the product image and a brief description, often displayed in the top right hand corner of the Google search results. As an example, if we were searching for a fish bowl, the product listing ads would look like this:

Fish Bowl Product Ads

This method of advertising allows you to create unique adverts for each product that you sell and ensure they appear in the relevant search results.  There is a fairly complex process to go through to get your products listed in this way, and you do need unique image URLs on your website for each product to enable Google to feed the data through, but if you have that, then you are half way there and then it is a case of setting up a campaign in a similar way to Pay Per Click advertising mentioned above. Whizz Marketing Services - Promote Your Business PPC

Social Media Advertising

Social media is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of promoting a brand and connecting with your audience. With hundreds of platforms available to join for free, you can promote your business, reinforce your brand and gain a dedicated following without the cost of traditional advertising.  There are paid advertising options on the biggest social media channels which will give you additional exposure and help you gain a wider reach outside of your current network of friends, associates and followers.  Managing social media profiles can become very time-consuming, and without a doubt it is hard work and takes a lot of persistence, but you can get fantastic results and it really does help to give a business its own persona.  Have your content prepped a month in advance, and you will never be short of things of say! Find Out More - Interact Mix Social Media


Whizz Marketing will help your company to gain new business through the web.  We are always happy to help if you need support through the process and can also manage your digital advertising strategy on your behalf.  For more information on how digital marketing could drive more traffic to your website, get in by calling Louise on 01252 622129 or visit for further details.

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