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Top 10 Tips for using Facebook for Business

This week we are sharing Top 10 Tips on how to use Facebook for Business.

There are a number of small businesses who still use a scatter-gun approach when posting on Facebook. If this is you STOP NOW! Read these tips, re-assess your actions and make your investment in Social Media a rewarding one.

1. Complete your profile

Do you have all the information that someone may need about your product or service offering. Is your website linked to your Facebook profile. Is it easy to find out how to get in touch, your opening hours (if applicable), where you are etc?

2. Use quality images

The main profile image should be high resolution and conform with the sizing and advertising guidelines of Facebook which can be found here. Having a Facebook profile image or cover image that is blurry and pixelated does not give a great first impression. Remember, this is a shop front for your brand. You can have an image of yourself, if you are a freelancer or sole trader as putting a face to the business can be quite effective with engaging people, however, do make it a “professional” photo.

3. Be creative

If you have nothing to say that is engaging and relevant don’t post anything.  No-one has un-followed a page because they didn’t post anything for 24 hours!

4. Don’t spam

This is a common problem. You don’t need to be constantly feeding information every hour. Depending on your number of followers, 3 posts a day (morning, noon, evening/night) is more than enough and make sure it’s a variety of content not a constant hard sell. 80:20 is the rule of thumb so 4 engaging, non-sales updates to 1 sales post/call to action.

5. Post at peak usage times

Take note of the reach you are getting and when the best times are for you to be posting and take advantage. Utilise your insights to find out this information. It will help to make your effort as efficient and effective as possible.

6. Schedule updates

In the run up to a busy period, schedule updates! If you have sales, daily sales preview items can be scheduled up as far in advance as you can go, and events and offers can be planned in a similar way. There is nothing wrong in getting ahead of yourself as long as you do interact with any engagement you receive.

7. Inform your customers

Tell your customers that you are on Facebook. They are fans of your brand and service already, so ask them to ‘like’ your page. It’s a great excuse to write a blog or send a newsletter out to advertise your profile. You could ask them to write a review or upload a photo of your product in situ?

8. Give something back

One way to keep your fans loyal is to run offers, competitions and giveaways, BUT keep within the Facebook guidelines!

9. Don’t shy away from criticism

I know this is one HUGE reason that companies shy away from social media, but you will be a little naïve to think that an unhappy customer will not moan about it on social media regardless. Ignorance is not bliss. At least by feeling the brunt of it on your page you can then take the lead in the process to deal with the follow up. Be professional and do it publicly, you have nothing to lose and a reputation to uphold!

10. Keep up the momentum!

Don’t expect to set up a page and have hundreds (or thousands) of likes overnight. Persevere. Be consistent. Be engaging. You need to prove you are in it for the long haul!


Whizz has teamed up with Typeface Social, a local, professional social media company who will take the reins and drive your social media strategy forwards by managing the social media accounts on your behalf. Typeface Social are totally committed to providing the very best levels of service and their pro-active approach will ensure that your decision to use social media for business is a good one.  If Facebook is still a scary place to you then please contact Whizz Marketing and we will book you in with a training session with Natalie to help build your confidence and knowledge on how to use Facebook for business.


Top Tip Series written by Natalie Weaving at Typeface Social

Posted by Louise Cranstone, Whizz Marketing Services, Fleet

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