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LinkedIn tips for small businesses

Top 10 Tips for using LinkedIn for Business

In this Top 10 Tips series, our Whizz social media guru, Natalie Weaving, will be giving valuable tips on how to get the most out of social media .  Check out this tick list of things you need to do immediately!

1. Complete your profile…all of it; make it as detailed and as key word rich as possible to get you up those Google rankings and any searches carried out on LinkedIn. This includes your heading and title.

2. Connect to those that are relevant to your business. You don’t have to say yes to everyone, however, even those that might not directly be significant to you, check their connections as they might be!

3. If you find someone but can’t connect, check the groups they below to and join. You then can choose “in the same group” and connect!

4. Update your profile at least once a month to show in the “news updates”.

5. DO NOT link your twitter or Facebook account to your LinkedIn unless you do so that it only shows updates when you use #li in your tweets.

6. BUT DO link your blog!

7. When you join a group, try and get involved in the discussions.

8. Follow your competitors, always good to get updates of what is going on with the opposition

9. Keep it professional. This a more formal way of networking so no place for personal updates or a family snap as your profile picture.

10. Engage, share, like, comment….are you bored of me saying that yet….WELL JUST DO IT!

Whizz has teamed up with Typeface Social, a local, professional social media company who will take the reins and drive your social media strategy forwards by managing the social media accounts on your behalf. Typeface Social are totally committed to providing the very best levels of service and their pro-active approach will ensure that your decision to use social media for business is a good one.  If LinkedIn is still a scary place to you then please contact Whizz Marketing and we will book you in with a training session with Natalie to help build your confidence and knowledge on how to use LinkedIn for business.


Top Tip Series written by Natalie Weaving at Typeface Social

Posted by Louise Cranstone, Whizz Marketing Services, Fleet

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