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Want to target the 16-24 age group using social media?

Choosing the right social media platforms for your business can be tough, with hundreds of different platforms to choose from, all aimed at different users.

This is the first blog of a series that will provide you with some tips and guidance on how to reach your target market through social channels.

We are going to start with the 16-24 age group and will cover the most popular target groups in coming weeks, so keep checking back so you don’t miss out on more Whizz Tips on how to reach your target market through social channels.

When it comes to selling to a younger audience, it can seem impossible to keep up and with the latest trends and know where to start, so at Whizz Marketing we have selected our top picks for social platforms that will help you to market your products or services more effectively to this target group, enhancing your brand presence and connecting with the audience you want as customers.

Top 4 Social Platforms


Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with more than 64% of their 1.3 billion users visiting the site every single day.

25% of the total daily users are 16-24 year olds who use the platform to check-in at home, college or work and even when they go to the pub. Users can post updates, join group discussions, advertise businesses or selling items and even play games with their friends. Often seen as a more ‘informal’ platform, Facebook is great for companies looking to sell directly to consumers.


YouTube is a fantastic platform that has been bringing users videos of cats for years. YouTube is very popular with teenagers and adults alike, and over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, with 100 million users watching videos every day. Video Marketing research studies have shown that 90% of online shoppers find videos about products, tutorials and demonstrations helpful, and are 64% more likely to buy after viewing a video. According to a YouTube Demographic analysis, the main users of YouTube tend to be aged between 18 and 24, with 1-17 and 25-34 in close second.


Instagram has over 300 million users and a whopping 41% of these are aged 16-24 yrs! Instagram is often thought of as a channel where people share photos of food and as an image-sharing site this does happen, but it’s also fertile soil for very visual or product based businesses who want to share their product images and tap into this popular social network. You can use this platform to create a string visual identity for your brand, and if you are wanting to target a younger audience, then this channel is highly recommended. If you’re new to Instagram, check out this introduction from Social Media Examiner which gives you lots of information on how to use Instagram for marketing.


Twitter has over 236 million active users, and was recorded as one of the fastest growing social networks around. The ‘micro blogging’ service allows users to post short, 140 character messages, interact with each other and start discussions with members in other countries using Hashtags. Users range anywhere from 17 to in their 70’s, with the average user being around 23 and female. Twitter is fantastic for targeting new customers and clients and making contact in an informal and friendly manner.

What About Paid Advertising?

With some networks, just being present and interacting with your target audience isn’t enough. On these occasions, paid advertising is often a good route to go down. Each of our top 4 social platforms offers it’s own advertising channels, and another way to get your message seen by the right people.


Facebook advertising works by utilizing data held in ‘cookies’ to see what users have been viewing on other sites, and can target adverts based on what users are already interested in. So if you’re selling handbags, your advert will be shown to people in your target demographic who have already been looking at handbags online.


In addition to hosting your videos on YouTube, you also have the option to use video advertising to attract more customers. The idea is simple – create a short video ad that will be played before main content for the demographic you have chosen, and only pay the ad fee when the video is watched. Because YouTube regularly assesses what it’s viewers are watching and makes recommendations, you can use this to hone in on your ideal customer – for example, men aged between 16 and 25 who live in London, or women over 20 who are interested in beauty.


Twitter is the new kid on the block when it comes to advertising. Businesses are able to promote their tweets, accounts and trends to Twitter users. Users will see your promoted posts when they are relevant to their listed interests, recent interactions or when they are relevant to their other web activities (Twitter uses cookie data just like Facebook). Find out more about reaching your target audience via Twitter advertising.


Instagram is a network relatively new to advertising, having launched its programme just last year. Already they have seen some impressive results, and those selected partners who were chosen used creative and visual adverts to reach out to their consumers. We recommend building up a profile and following on Instagram ready for the rollout of general advertisement.  Find out more about advertising on Instagram to reach a younger audience.

Whizz Marketing specialise in helping you to traverse the social media minefield and make the most of your social profiles. From profile creation and in depth training to support you in setting out on your own, or lightening the load by managing some of your profiles for you, we are here to help. For your free social media consultation, get in touch today – call Louise on 01252 622129 or find out more about the social media services provided by Whizz Marketing by visiting


By Louise Cranstone, Whizz Marketing Services, Fleet in Hampshire

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