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What is an ‘optimised’ website?

To put it simply, an optimised website will help your business get found online more easily than one that isn’t optimised.

A website should not only look great, be a great source of useful information and marketing tool for you to generate revenue and promote your brand, but it also needs to work for search engines too.

To make a website work for both users and search engines, the site needs to be ‘optimised’.  This means applying various Best Practice SEO principles to the site through tags and content.

Through the application of good SEO, you will see increased levels of targeted traffic reaching your site, people who are actively searching for the products and services you offer.

Optimising your website will give your business the best possible chance of winning a bigger slice of the market, so addressing the fundamental elements of SEO (search engine optimisation) is key to online success.

An optimised site will have:

  • Addressed Mobile responsive requirements (presenting a good user experience across all devices)
  • Improved site security to protect user data
  • Clean HTML, written to comply with current coding practices
  • SEO friendly site hierarchy, URLs and optimised internal links to achieve site-wide authority
  • Good server response times and speed
  • No technical issues (e.g broken links, Page 404 errors, duplicate content)
  • Good HTML:Content ratio using relevant content applied with keyword effectiveness
  • Quality backlinks


Well-optimised websites have gained the respect of search engines.  Having made the improvements above demonstrates your commitment to enhance the user experience on your site.

Google wants sites to present the best possible experience so people keep using the online environment.  Good for Google and good for you!

There are over 200 factors that will affect the performance and rank of your site and through investment in addressing and improving as many of these elements as possible, your site will be rewarded by accruing rank as the site becomes better optimised.   The higher the rank, the more visibility your web pages achieve for related search queries.  It is important to understand, that although the primary goal for optimising a website is increased visibility in Google, optimising your site will also increase your brand visibility across the web.

The industry is constantly evolving and as such we need to evolve our digital marketing strategies in line with adaptations to the way people search and how search engines deliver results.

We have to admit, this can be a challenge at times, as Google is always updating algorithms and these updates can sometimes cause a bit of a shake-up, but ultimately, Google’s goal is to improve the user experience and they are constantly working to find ways to achieve this.

At Whizz Marketing, we work hard to keep on top of all that is changing in the search landscape and we will let you know as and when any further action needs to be taken to keep your brand buoyant online.


We offer a totally bespoke SEO package for each and every client.  If you have a site under 20 pages we can offer you a special 3 month boost package for just £250.00 per month for 3 months!  Find out more about Whizz SEO ….

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What is an optimised website? An optimised website will help your business get found online more easily than one that isn't optimised.