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What is JSON-LD Structured Data MarkUp & Does It Help SEO?

The application of JSON-LD Structured Data MarkUp into a website is a fantastic way of getting more visibility for key content in your site.

Google uses structured data to better understand the content of a page. The markup appears as ‘snippets’ of code which is not visible to a user, but which provide Google with extra clues as to what your content is about.

For example, structured data can be used if you want to attract a local audience and the mark up is then created to highlight your business contact details, helping Google to find your business quickly if a local relevant search is conducted.

Structured Data Markup can also be applied to blog content, events, recipes, products, reviews, videos and many more different types of content.

Does it help SEO?

Well yes and no. Applying structured data markup to content will not increase the ‘rank’ of your pages directly, however, it does enhance your brand visibility by adding more information about your business in search results. The snippets, or search features, can also increase click through rates as people will see the type of content you have on your site and make a decision to click through to the page based on the information provided in the extra feature. An increase in traffic and engagement will help to build trust and authority, and this will earn you higher rank.

Where do the snippets appear?

Google won’t show the search feature alongside your organic listing all of the time. Google will only show the snippet if it provides the best search experience for the user, and this means taking into account many factors, including location and device type.

Basic Snippets – blue links

Basic Structured Data Markup Snippets

Rich snippets – can include styling, images (shown) and other features

Rich Structured Data Markup Snippet

Enriched Snippet

A more interactive and immersive result provided for some categories, for example, job posting and recipes. This can sometimes be shown as the Knowledge Graph result which can include corporate branding, company bio, web and social links.

Enriched Structured Data MarkUp Snippet

If you want your content to gain more visibility in Google Search, you should apply JSON-LD Structured MarkUp as it will increase the chance of getting your content seen.

We are offering a FREE audit of your site to see if you have any structured data markup already applied, please get in touch with Louise at Whizz Marketing on 01252 622129.

If you do have some markup in place, we may be able to enhance it. If you don’t, we can discuss what types of markup could be applied and provide support with getting it installed and validated with Google.

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