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Whats New with Google Marketing Tools

Google offers a fantastic range of free marketing tools that will help businesses to gain competitive advantage, reach more customers and better understand who their customers are and what they are looking for.

Google posts now liveGive Your Local SEO a Boost – Google My Business Posts Now Live

Google My Business (formerly Google Places) is the dashboard interface for managing your Local Google Search Business Listing.

To get your business showing on Google maps you need to register your business and it’s bricks and mortar location and wait for a verification postcard from Google. Once received, you enter a pin code into the account and this will activate your Local Search Listing and show your business location on Google maps. This inset image is an example of how a local search results listing will display on the main Google search results page.

Google have been expanding the information available to view through local listings and now you can include opening hours, photos, reviews and posts. Google posts was launched this summer and gives you the opportunity to make public announcements via the Google search platform, such as for events, product launches, special offers. This can give your business much higher prominence and will help to increase traffic to your website. Regular updates to your Google My Business profile will also help it to accrue rank and gain higher positioning in mobile and local results pages.

Google + Business page

Unlike Facebook, Google+ pages and posts can help you to reach people beyond a social network and its integration with various Google products and technologies, including Google Search and You Tube, making it an extremely valuable marketing tool.

Google + is a social network and focuses on interactions within communities of people who share similar interests. Setting up a Google+ Business profile is easy and very similar to Facebook. Once you have set up a profile, you can search for people and/or discover communities who you may wish to connect with and share information.

Google + consists of a newsfeed of posts, videos and photos, similar to Twitter and Facebook, you can share, +1 (Like) a post and comment. As Google + pages are no longer linked to YouTube and Google My Business accounts, it gives business owners complete flexibility in the use of the platform. Whizz highly recommends keeping an active profile on G+ and try to use it as a way to connect with people who may be interested in the products and services you offer.

Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics tracking code to your website will provide valuable insight which you can use to help you make better decisions about future marketing that will present a more focused and targeted approach, increasing return.  Analytics will help you to better understand who your customers are, where they are located, their journey once they land on your site, what they are buying, and how well your website is performing to attract and retain customers.  Tracking your website performance on a regular basis needs to be a key part of your marketing strategy.  Monitor, measure, analyse and improve!

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Keywords are crucial if potential customers are going to find your website above your competitors in the Google search pages. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner gives you the opportunity to find out what keywords are most popular in your sector and have the highest search volumes. It will also give you lots of new keyword ideas helping you to find popular keywords related to your products and services, and you can test how certain keywords will perform in Google search. You do need to have an active Google Adwords account now to use the Keyword Planner, but it does provide a great deal of insight so is strongly recommended.

Google Search Console

Creating a Search Console account will allow you to verify your site with Google, get it indexed quicker, and will provide a great deal of insight on the performance of your site in Google search results pages. You can see if any errors have been found on your site that may require action, whether there are any security issues, how well your site is being crawled by the search bots, how many pages are indexed, and lots more besides.

Google Page Speed Insights

With the new mobile search index launch looming, the need to make sure your site is downloading quickly for mobile users is paramount. Site speed is becoming an increasingly stronger ranking signal, so it pays to run regular site speed checks to make sure your site isn’t lagging and presenting a poor user experience to your customers. Simply visit this url and add your page url to run the speed test for desktop and mobile. This only analyses the speed on the page you have provided, so you will need to do this for all main landing pages to ensure you are capturing all speed insights for your site.

Whizz Marketing Services is a Google Partner Agency and Louise Cranstone is a Certified Google Advertising Specialist providing guidance and support to businesses wanting to achieve more visibility in Google Search Results Pages. For further information and advice on how to market your business on-line, please visit or call Louise on 01252 622129.

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Whats New with Google Marketing Tools? Find out how various free Google tools can help your brand and website achieve more prominence in Google Search.