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Why a website blog is good for SEO

Why a Website Blog is Good for SEO

Content drives the Internet. There are billions of pages published and more being added every minute of every day. Your website absolutely needs content, and it needs lots of it if you want your content to be more visible than your competitors’ content!

A website blog that works for both search engines and users will help increase your brand visibility across the web whilst also enhancing trust and credibility amongst your audience.

A website blog needs to work for search engines and your readers. If you want it to help improve your SEO, the blogs will need to be optimised with your focus keywords and have high topic relevance. To make it work for your website visitor, the content should have good readability scores (not too technical or using too much jargon) and be relevant to your business and the interests of your audience. The content should be fresh and unique, so not copied from elsewhere on the web.

Getting the right website content balance for SEO

We are starting to see more and more website owners opting to slice their content in favour of creating a ‘cleaner, fresher’ looking site. The result is lots more images being used to connect with their audience, and less text-heavy pages, however, although images are great and are proven to help increase engagement levels on-site, reducing the content volume on your site will likely have a negative impact on your SEO. It is about achieving the right balance.

If you cull too much content and compromise your SEO, your stunning new ‘cleaner, fresher’ site won’t be visited by as many people as you might like. Your site will lose rank and visibility in search indexes because search engines won’t any longer be able to find high enough content relevance to user search queries.

Using your blog to help improve SEO

If your site content volume is low, adding a website blog is a great way to increase your content volume quickly. Each blog generates a new page url, and this has the potential to achieve rank, generating more impressions in search engines, driving more traffic to your site.

Once your blog is up and running, a great benefit to having a regular flow of fresh content is that it provides a cost effective and time efficient way of creating and sharing content across the web.

Re-use your blog content across other platforms, social channels, Google My Business posts. Use it in the form of snippets, re-phrase it or use it in different formats, such as by running a poll or competition, producing a white paper that is relevant to the blog topic. Once you have a good bank of content flowing through the blog, you won’t be short on inspiration for your social posts!

Optimise your blog articles

Keywords are the core component of optimised content. Incorporating your focus keywords into blog articles, through the headlines, body text, image tags and meta tags will help increase content relevance and rank for those keywords.

We advise our clients to have a list of focus keywords (and variants of them) that they plan to incorporate into their blog content. Working from a list will help prevent the keywords becoming too broad, and so will help to build keyword relevance and rank more quickly.

Synonyms and Keyword Stems

As Google now understands ‘context’ it makes it easier for us to use keyword variations and synonyms.

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing, such as big, large, huge and they can act as road signs for search engines to find relevant content, so if you choose to use synonyms, it will give your content a better chance of getting ranked.

Keyword stems are also good to use, for example if you use the word ‘cooking’ Google will also show results for ‘cook’, ‘cooks’ or ‘cooking’ in the search results, again, giving your content a better chance of generating some traffic.

Generating Comments on Posts

Getting relevant comments on a blog can really help increase your organic traffic, however, sometimes spammers and third parties may take advantage of this by adding a backlink in the comment to a site you wouldn’t ordinarily want to be associated with. If you enable the comment facility, ensure you moderate every comment before it goes live to reduce the risk of spamming.

Whizz Marketing is a Google Partner Agency in Fleet Hampshire. We do an awful lot of content writing for our clients as it is such an important aspect of SEO. If you don’t have time to blog regularly and would like some support, please get in touch with Louise on 01252 622129 or visit

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If you want your website blog to help improve your SEO, the blog articles will need to be optimised with your focus keywords and have high topic relevance.